When the Price is Right: The BEST Time of Year to Buy those Super Pricey Items

July 9th, 2018

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the time of year you buy something can have a serious impact on the price you pay.

From purchasing your Christmas decorations in January to your air conditioner during Winter, there are tons of tricks to pay less for stuff! While simply taking out a fast loan and quickly have the cash available to buy what you need is an easy solution, sometimes being strategic and planning out the plan of attack is much better for your pocket.

We’ve even itemised our shopping list by month, to make it really simple to set your alarms, plan your budget and get ready to save!!

The low-down on savvy shopping

  • Purchase your “big” items against or just after the season to maximise your savings! For example, shop for your:
    • heater in summer
    • bathing suit in winter &
    • Easter Eggs, the Tuesday after well..Easter
  • You can get lucky with some sales promotions like Back to School, that usually occurs just after Christmas (or before school starts) which is pretty handy, but compare prices online ahead of heading out so that you can be certain that you’re getting the bang for your buck!
  • Grab the best deal at the end of the month by purchasing items where there are sales quotas and commission incentives for the staff.
  • Take advantage of seasonal discounts online, when ordering from places like the US! Just watch out for those exchange rates!!
  • Use price tracking software and browser extensions to be alerted when prices drop.


Probably the best known time for savings. The Christmas frenzy has died down and so have the prices.

Stores ramp up their inventory for the rush, and in the aftermath are looking to get rid of their stock for much less than they were just days before. It’s a great time to get a deal on furniture, bicycles, carpet, flooring and car tyres.


Love is in the air and savings are at the stores. The end of the month is an optimum time to secure some yummy chocolate and lollies for less, usually due to the Valentine’s day overflow!

While on the topic of love, February is one of the least in demand months for wedding venues on the calendar making it a pretty smart time of year to tie the knot (June and July are also very quiet, but the weather is better in Feb!).

Gamers can also snag a deal as the big pre-Christmas releases begin to drop in price and could save you a bundle!


Summer might be ending but the deals are still HOT. Travel slows down, so luggage is the go. While everyone else is doing laundry and uploading the photos from their summer trips, go get yourself some new bags and plan your next escape.

March is without many big “gift giving” occasions, plus it follows Valentines Day so if you need jewellery or perfume, this is the month to score yourself a bargain!


If your laptop only turns on when its plugged in, sometimes the space bar gets stuck and you have to pry it loose with a fork, then April is the month for you.

Japan’s fiscal year ends in March, so last year’s models have to be cleared. Buy one online and say goodbye to your old friend!

And finally, investing in a good, strong vacuum this time of year, won’t be such a suck on your savings! New model vacuums come out in June so you can take advantage of the savings on the – soon to be obsolete – models!

And, if you don’t have a vacuum, then go get a one… seriously you’re an adult now.


Winter is coming, which usually means curling up on the sofa, putting the heater on high and settling in for some extreme TV binging. Luckily there are some mid-year sales on electronics running from the middle of May into June. If you have to replace big electronics like TVs, microwaves, or even your coffee machine, holding off until May sales can save you up to 50% or more.


Can you believe it’s been 6 months since new years? Well the gyms certainly can. Their rush of “new-year-resolutionists” has faded and gyms are looking to pump up their numbers. Compare your local spots online to find the cheapest deal.

June in general is also great for EOFY sales across all sorts of industries. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find the best deals as plenty of retailers look to shed last seasons stock in time for next month. Basically, it’s massive sale time! Expect a number of the major retailers to have large discounts on plenty of their less popular products a couple of items which might have much less demand in the coming season. We highly recommend spending big on this month, especially if have done well budget wise and saved up a hefty amount. Similarly, if you haven’t got the funds, take out a fast loan that can be paid off on the same day!

The best things to look at are electronics, household goods, cars, fashion and white-goods.

And with the peak wedding season just a handful of months away, instead of buying your gifts in the days before or of the event, now is the time to pick out some nice homewares. You might be able to get your friends something a bit nicer for less than you would have spent in peak spring wedding season. You get to look generous and save some coin at the same time… #winning


Time to re-decorate!! Furniture shops start putting old stock on clearance, so if you had your eye on a new couch and coffee table, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to grab a bargain.

Be sure to also budget safely! As people start receiving their tax returns at this point, you may feel the desire to splurge and buy that thing you always wanted. But hold strong! However, if you do overspend or simply need to buy that item anyway, pull out a short term loan and stay financially afloat.


It is not easy to predict when airlines are going to have one of their crazy discount sales. But if you’re looking for something you can count on, travel comparison site – Expedia found that flights to various holiday spots in Europe, Asia and America are cheapest when you fly in January, February and March.

But the reason we’ve put this tip in August is because how far in advance you book your flights is extremely important. Skyscanner did a bit of their own research and discovered the best time to book an international flight is 22 weeks prior to departure, which makes August the best time to book for flights that take off at the start of the year!

Aside from travel, this is the perfect time to plan home improvements like interior painting or renovations. The colder months are a slow period for labour and many will be happy to try and make a deal!


Remember when you borrowed your Dad’s screwdriver? Then you also remember how you never gave it back, and hoped he would just forget that you still have it. Well he hasn’t forgotten, so why not buy your way back into his good graces by taking advantage of Father’s Day tool sales?

If you missed the new line of vacuums in April, you can have another shot at them in September. New stock tends to start arriving now, so start looking for a deal on last year’s models.


If you’re thinking of moving home, the best time to sign a lease for renters is mid to late spring. There are less people looking at this time of year and it’s also when a lot of people that signed 6-month leases during peak periods will be vacating.

Less competition means you’ll not only find cheaper rates, but there’ll be less demand for the ‘perfect’ place, so you just might get the first one you want!


Cars are a huge expense, but unfortunately not something a lot of us can do without, in our daily lives. With only two months left of the year, those “latest” models start to become heavily discounted to clear the way for a whole new and shiny range!

This means dealerships are going to be pushing out the old stock, leading to an increase in trade-ins as well as the further discounts on ex-demo models, giving you a better chance at a great deal.

And what’s more, the holidays are just around the corner and retailers start discounting cookware. So if you’re looking to stop ordering takeaway and start becoming your very own master chef, now is the time!!

Electronics like computers and printers also tend to see price reductions. Retailers try to clear their current stock before the new stuff arrives ahead of the Chrissy rush.


Happy new year! Time to break out the bubbles! Surprisingly champagne hits its lowest cost in the weeks before New Years. With the crazy increase in demand, prices actually go down on the bubbly as the different producers price cut each other in an attempt to be a part of your celebration.

Finally, if you’re studying it’s a good time to look at picking up cheap textbooks to get the jump on people looking to offload their old book at the end of term.

Do you know of any great savings opportunities we’ve missed? Leave them in the comments.

If throughout the year there’s a month or a sale that absolutely need to spend on but don’t want to sacrifice too much from your bank account, why not pull out a short term or fast loan with us. Be sure to budget out correctly and you can pay it all back with little to no stress!

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