What makes Nimble different?

June 22nd, 2009

In answering this I don’t want to talk about our customer service. Nimble is obsessed with customer service, we all know that.

Instead I want to talk about business philosophies. Thousands of books have been written on it. So surely the perfect business management model is out there, right?

Well if there was one perfect way, they wouldn’t have needed to write thousands of books on it would they?

Thing is, there is no one perfect way. The real world is too dynamic and variable.

After all, things change. The world changes. Your staff changes. Your customers change. Your product changes. Public perception of you changes. Your industry changes. Technology changes. Global financial crises change everything….

For us trying to grow a business this is scary. I mean it’s terrifying. You want to be able to produce perfectly accurate forecasts. Beautiful rising graphs….not rising too fast mind, just the right amount. You want a clear path. No surprises. No uncertainty.

Plus you’re a business founder so you can’t help being a perfectionist. You want to have all the information about what’s going to happen. You want to have the perfect solution.

So how do you deal with this? Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

1. ACCEPTANCE. The world is that way and there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact not only do you need to accept it you need to love it. It’s great. If things were always predictable nothing would ever change. There would be no room for creativity.

2. Stay NIMBLE. Be able to react quickly. That means no inertia. As soon as you sense things changing you need to recognise it. You need to move. Be a magician. Expect to have to pull things out of the hat at the last minute.

3. Have BALANCE. I’d almost call this wisdom. If you’re just reacting to everything, you’re out of control. So temper it with a calm, controlled awareness. I’m talking Zen-like. If this sounds exactly the opposite to step 2, then you’re probably right.

So you need some contrary qualities. But really what single person could have all these qualities? I don’t know many accepting, crazy, Zen Buddhists around.

Well you need to surround yourself with a team. A team with different personalities and skills. DON’T have clones of yourself and DON’T have to be the smartest one in your team.

Simple isn’t it?


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