We won some awards, yay!

November 15th, 2016

It’s not often we brag about stuff.

But because we’re super nerds we couldn’t contain this one.


This is in here purely because it brings us joy.

Earlier this year, we entered a bunch of Marketing Excellence awards for some of our TV campaigns.

And here’s where we kicked butt:

  • The Australian Effie Awards
    We won bronze – which is a super awesome effort! We were up against the likes of Vodafone and Bank of New Zealand in the financial products and services category.

All the marketing, all the time.

Well-chuffed would be an accurate description of where we’re at right now.

Like, we knew our TV ads we entered were an extremely successful campaign and we knew that we had smashed our targets for all objectives…

… But it’s still nice to get a pat on the back from our industry pals.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Nimble, what objectives does one have for a marketing campaign?’

Great question.

Here’s what we were working towards:

  • New users: first and foremost, the campaign aimed to attract new customers to our site.
  • Build brand profile: we were set the task of delivering dramatic shifts in brand health.
  • Brand understanding and association: finding out what we can do better from our last lot of campaigns and doing it.
  • Online enquiries: metrics were established for online enquiries.

Awesome work team!

If you have any questions for our marketing team – write them in the comments. We love talking about this stuff!


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