Throw A Party All Your Mates Will Remember

November 6th, 2019

If you’ve put your hand up to host an end of year party and are low key stressing about all the costs that might add up – never fear! There are a few ways you can throw a killer party and still afford to survive the rest of the silly season. 

1. Get your mates to bring something. 

When your friend asks if there’s anything they can bring – say yes! Tell them to bring their wonderful self, oh, plus a bottle of their favourite wine, a wheel of cheese, or just some extra cups and ice! This will lower the pressure on you, and help keep those sneaky costs down, plus, you’ll totally return the favour when it’s their turn to host. 

2. Cut down on entertainment.

Before you pay your mate’s brother for a DJ set – think again. You don’t need extravagant entertainment to throw a successful soiree. If you think back to all your most memorable nights out, they probably don’t stand out because of any unnecessary extras. Everyone knows all you need for a good time is good people, a carefully crafted playlist (spend a little extra time on this one) and good conversation. If you really want some party games to liven the mood, a cheap deck of cards makes for a party pleaser, or even a set of Jenga or Twister from Kmart to really mix things up. 

3. Time it out.

If you’re not really a budding chef and don’t feel like channelling your inner Gordon Ramsay by cooking for all your friends, time your party for after dinner. Make it clear that dinner won’t be provided, and instead stock up on cheap snacks, nibbles, and pizza vouchers for when those midnight hunger pains strike.

4. Be smart with decorations.

Balloons and decorations are dirt cheap from the dollar store, and you can always raid your Mum’s cupboard for spare candles to create a little atmosphere. If you’re the creative type, scrolling through Pinterest can give you some ideas on how to turn those cheap streamers into something Insta-worthy. 

5. Set a budget.

Set your budget, then stick to it. Sure some extra costs may come up, but having a party your mates won’t stop talking about doesn’t have to break the bank. Relax, unwind and enjoy the night (and treat yourself to avocado toast the next day. You deserve it.). 

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