Time Saving Tech for Parents

December 5th, 2016

Raising a tiny human is tough. It’s also pretty time-consuming, who knew piles of dirty washing could grow that fast?

Since we’re all about using tech to save time, we wondered just how much time parents of the world could be saving if they swapped out the elbow grease for technology.

Here’s what we found

You could save time with grocery shopping

Our survey found that people who shopped online spent 20% less time doing their groceries than people who shopped in-store. Check out our nifty guide to budgeting for food planning to help with the list!

Spotlight on: Our Groceries Shopping List – Free, iOS & Android


Shopping entirely online isn’t the only way you can save time. Using tech to manage your shopping lists can save time, effort and cash. Dream come true? We think so. Create lists shared across all nominated devices, manage multiple shopping lists, cross items off with a tap, add photos of your fave brand of tomato paste, and browse meal ideas so you won’t spend all day staring at the options in the pasta aisle. Bonus: freak the kids out by having a list called “Tonight’s dinner” and put nothing but Brussels sprouts on there.

Other handy apps:

  • GrocerEaze – Free, iOS (building meal plans isn’t just for bodybuilders)
  • Woolworths – Free, iOS & Android (scanning your fave pantry items straight into your list? Heck yes)
  • Coles – Free, iOS & Android (shop on the app, get it delivered to your door. You don’t even get off the couch)
  • Aldi – Free, iOS & Android (because there’s nothing better than knowing where your nearest Aldi is at all times… and those Gummi Bears!)

 You could save time on cooking

Pick your favourite meal to eat – how long do you spend preparing that? Now imagine you could eat that meal without any of the prep time. Order a meal or two via an app, and you could spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.

Spotlight on: UberEats– Free, iOS & Android

Sure, everyone loves pizza. Now you can get pizza… plus any other food your hangry heart desires. All you have to do is sign up, pick your restaurant, place your order, then kick back and relax while you wait for it to arrive. LOL just kidding – you probably have a million things to do with and for you kids in the meantime. Go get them done, then enjoy a delicious meal (that you didn’t have to cook).

Other handy apps:

  • HelloFresh – Free, iOS & Android (more like hello family boxes full of fresh ingredients perfect for your pre-selected meals delivered straight to your door). We’ve personally used this and think it’s pretty darn great!

You could save time on household chores

We found that people who used apps to outsource household chores spend 98.5% less time actually doing the housework than people who do it all themselves. Sounds obvious, right? Well, you don’t have to outsource every single job to see the time come pouring back into your calendar.

Pick your least-favourite job (hands up if you hate mowing the lawn) and get a professional to come in and handle it. There’s an hour back in your weekend to watch Sally* play soccer or take Billy* to the park.

* Generic childrens’ names coming atcha.

Spotlight on: AirTasker – Free, iOS & Android


Outsource like a pro with AirTasker. This app is a fast, easy gateway to a massive community of people who are offering jobs and services. Check out reviews of prospective workers and assign based on the offer you like best. The best part? Services are covered by insurance.

Other handy apps:

  • TradeEzi – Free, iOS & Android (because having a business directory for tradies at your fingertips is never a bad idea)


You could save time managing your finances

Who doesn’t love waiting in bank lines? Oh right – everyone. If you’re like us, you’re pretty keen on the idea of spending 20 minutes or less a week on your budgeting and banking.

Spotlight on: You Need A Budget – Free, iOS & Android


Seriously, though. You probably do need a budget, unless you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you’ll be building a house from old avocado skins. YNAB can track your spending, down to the last dollar… as terrifying as that may be. This one can take a bit of time to set up initially, and there is an annual fee to use the software once you’re past your free trial, but it’s well worth it once you have it all up and running.

Other handy apps:

  • Pocketbook – Free, iOS & Android (staying on top of your bills is depressing but apparently also pretty important)
  • Nimble (naturally – how else are you getting fast loans?)

You could save time…browsing Facebook?

Well, yeah, apparently. If scrolling through your newsfeed and posting pics of Sally kicking her first goal is eating up your day, use an app to help you kick the addiction. If the irony of using tech to escape tech isn’t too much for you to handle, you’ll probably be able to get back at least an hour or two each day.

Spotlight on: BreakFree – Free, iOS & Android


If you’re all about that #productivity life right now, you’ll love BreakFree. It monitors phone usage and will let you know if you’re spending way too much time scrolling through your ex’s Facebook profile.

Other handy apps:

  • Forest – Free, iOS & Android (beating addiction is much more pleasant when you get to plant some pretend trees)
  • OFFTIME – Free, iOS & Android (data is life, even when the data is telling you that you have no life)


Raising the next gen of innovators and world-changers is a pretty cool job. And with all the sweet apps and tech now available, you can have even more time to watch them grow up.

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