The Nimble Member Survey Winners

Thanks to over 9,000 of you (wow!) for taking the time to fill out our Nimble Member Survey in June.

We love hearing about how you like to spend your money, what makes you tick and how Nimble can make your life easier.

We love surveys because it’s an easy way to check in with our members and make sure we’re constantly delivering a great Nimble experience.

We recently asked a group of our members to tell us a bit more about why they like using short term loans and what sets Nimble apart from competitors. We received some great responses!

To sweeten the deal, we even gave away 2 x $500 Flight Centre vouchers and 8 x Coles Myer vouchers to our lucky members who gave us the best answers to, “What one message would you give to government around the regulation of short term loans?”

Here’s what our winners had to say:

“Short term is climbing Mt Kosciusko and long term is Mt Everest. Keep it small, manageable and realistically achievable.”

– Rebecca H, NSW


“People run into unforeseen financial issues from time to time. Short term loans, when understood, are a viable option to bridge the gap.”

– Jared M, NSW


“Let people feel the responsibility of repaying at a manageable rate rather than take out credit cards that spiral out of control.”

– Laura E, VIC


“The cost of living in Sydney is becoming hard enough as it is, life throws curveballs and unexpected bills.”

– Matthew H, NSW


“Short term loans help out families in a short, one off unexpected situation. These loans are easy to manage and paid off faster.”

– Morgan E, NSW


“Perhaps offer people financial counselling if there is an identified pattern of a person taking out short term loans.”

– Amanda A, VIC


“Make them as transparent as Nimble. Ensure all charges as repayment costs are upfront and clear.”

– Nyssa M, SA


“Provide young people with education around managing finances rather than restricting people’s choices.”

– Kamal M, NSW


“Less debt and easy to repay in full. It’s quick and easy. This should be the new way of the credit card.”

– Gabrielle P, QLD


“I’d make sure there is more regulation so that people can’t get several short term loans from different places at the same time.”

– Zoe T, NSW


A huge thanks to everyone who completed our survey.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved!

How to Earn Extra Cash with the Sharing Economy

Ever feel like your 9-5 job isn’t bringing home enough bacon?

Good news is that today, thanks to the rise of the sharing economy, the tools to make some extra cash are already at your fingertips.

Collaborative consumption, the trust economy or peer-to-peer economy – whatever you decide to call it, the sharing economy is all about community, trust and using the resources right under our noses.

Whether it be our cars, clothes, spare rooms, backyards or our brains, people around the world are sharing their stuff to pocket a few extra pennies.

And there are loads of cool startups springing up to help you make it happen.

Here are 5 ways you can start tapping into the sharing economy today:



Planning a trip somewhere? Airbnb is a trusted online community built by two guys in San Francisco to give you an alternative to the standard hotel that you would usually seek out in your travels. Through the Airbnb marketplace, you can book accommodation in other people’s homes – the whole place or even just a room. It’s like having a home away from home.

To earn some extra cash, why not list your spare room? Or even your whole home while your away?

Currently, there are over 35 million people using Airbnb around the world. They’re staying in over 34,000 cities in over 190 countries and have the option of staying in over 600 castles. Jump on board now.



Do you love puppies but can’t commit to a full time dog? Why not sign up to be a pet sitter in your local area? Get the best of both worlds – the fun, cuddles and love of a pet, but you still get to go on holidays without a worry. All this while earning a few extra bucks at the same time.



Fancy yourself a handyman? Bit more tech savvy than the average Joe? Or have you got a vehicle that doubles as a delivery van? Well, it’s your lucky day. With Airtasker, you can earn extra cash just by helping others with things you’re already doing.



Do you have a car that spends more time in the garage than on the road? DriveMyCar is a marketplace for those just like you! Keep the dust off your wheels while putting some extra cash in your pocket by renting your car through DriveMyCar.

You can earn $800 per month or more. They calculate the amount you earn from renting your car according to its market value. They estimate a return of 42% if rented for a year! Head here to check out their awesome Rental Calculator tool and find out how much you could earn today.



Consider yourself an expert at something? Ever hoped for the opportunity to rent those skills of yours out? Well, look no further. It’s real easy, just create a profile and apply for projects in your own time, then get paid and get credit. Head over to sign up as one of Expert360’s consultants.


How to Build a Startup with a Cool Culture

Our founders, Greg and Sean, started out as two mates with an idea to create something cool and solve problems.

Nearly ten years later they’ve done just that.

This week we officially became a team of 200. That’s 200 people across two floors all focused on our mission to shake things up in how people borrow money using technology driven and customer centred products – like never seen before.

So, we were pretty chuffed that our co-founder Greg was invited to speak at Daze of Disruption – an event bringing together some of the most innovative and disruptive minds who are shaking up industries with better ways of doing things.

Alongside fellow Aussie entrepreneurs, Greg shared valuable lessons learnt from building Nimble into one of Australia’s most successful fintech startups.

He spoke about anchoring steadfastly to the problem you’re trying to solve at every stage and how surrounding your startup with good people who share the same cultural values will work wonders.

Here are some takeouts of Greg’s talk on how to build a disruptive company with a cool culture:


Hire people based on what they know. Not who they know.

We just want to hear about how people think and how they solve


Measure everything. Eliminate politics with Data based decisions.

We just want the best outcomes. We don’t really care whose idea it is.

We like guys who aren’t afraid to try things.

Hire people who love change.

Things are changing fast and if you don’t love learning and adapting, you’ll fall behind.

Hire people who get it done.

They’re effective. They’re not signalling getting it done and talking in sound bites. Execution is actually harder than coming up with ideas.

Good guys care a lot about the mission.

There’s no substitute for people caring and buying in. They can fall a little short technically, but we’ll take a good cultural fit over a genius dickhead any day.

Check out the top quotes from Daze of Disruption here

Sound like a great place to work? Head to our LinkedIn page for current employment opportunities.