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It’s not Monday, it’s your job

Let’s get one thing straight. Mondays should be hectic. They should be busy, exciting, productive, chaotic at times and fulfilling the rest. If you’re spending Sunday night curled up on the couch dreading the next day, then maybe you should be taking a look at how you can change that (without blaming it all on your job).

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not the end of the weekend you’re lamenting, but the start of your working week?

Sure, there’s an inherent belief that Mondays tend to be the worst day of the week – that’s something that has been ingrained in us since we were old enough to go to school. But at Nimble, we think Mondays are another chance for us to make a positive change in someone’s life and to do what we love for (at least) 8 hours a day.

If you’re one of the lucky ones spending your days in your dream job and just have the occasional bout of Monday-itis, then here’s our top 3 quick fixes to aid your Monday blues:

  1. Mix it up with walking meetings – you’re blocking out the time to have a catch up anyways, why not do it in the great outdoors rather than the stuffy office meeting room? Catch a tan, get your day’s cardio in and get your ticker pumping.
  2. Instead of taking a creative break and cruising Facebook for 20 minutes, why don’t you take a stroll over to the kitchen, grab a glass of h20 or have a friendly chat to your favourite colleague? Or drum up a singalong in your team by sharing your favourite playlist on Spotify.
  3. Go outside for lunch. Try bringing your own (BYOL – see what we did there?) and keep it fresh with healthy salads, wraps, sangas or trusty leftovers. Forgotten your lunch? No biggie. Walk an extra few metres and try the new joint up the road rather than the unhealthy (easy) cafe option next door. Trust us, you will be buzzing with creative energy after a little break outdoors and your boss will be frothing over all the productivity!

Do you hate the work that you’re doing? Sure, if your job is making you wildly unhappy for a myriad of reasons, then maybe it’s time for a change – you never know, your dream job might just pop up when you least expect it!

The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.

Thankyou Group

Yeah, we think we scrub up alright.

Just by munching on some delicious muesli bars* and washing our hands with some yummy soap, we’ve helped almost 57,000 people this month. No biggie.

It’s hard to imagine that every time you choose a brand of hand wash you’re impacting the earth in a positive or negative way.

Well, the team at Nimble has made that our reality. Cue: Thankyou®.

As part of the Nimble Community initiative, our team of eco- and social-injustice warriors have changed up the products we’re using on our skin and feelin’ pretty darn good about it, too.

So far, from changing something as easy as the brand of handwash we’re scrubbin’ up with or the muesli bars we eat at morning tea, we’ve contributed to helping:

  • Food projects for 56,817 people in Darfur, Sudan
  • Health projects for over 100 people in Matangani, Zimbabwe

It feels awesome to know that every time we wash our hands, we’re helping fund social and economical change in developing nations. (Let’s not forget that the Thankyou®  stuff makes our job pretty easy.)

We love partnering with awesome Aussie businesses doing epic things worldwide.

*Note – we have since ordered 20 more boxes of these because we can’t get enough!

The Nimble Member Survey Winners

Thanks to over 9,000 of you (wow!) for taking the time to fill out our Nimble Member Survey in June.

We love hearing about how you like to spend your money, what makes you tick and how Nimble can make your life easier.

We love surveys because it’s an easy way to check in with our members and make sure we’re constantly delivering a great Nimble experience.

We recently asked a group of our members to tell us a bit more about why they like using short term loans and what sets Nimble apart from competitors. We received some great responses!

To sweeten the deal, we even gave away 2 x $500 Flight Centre vouchers and 8 x Coles Myer vouchers to our lucky members who gave us the best answers to, “What one message would you give to government around the regulation of short term loans?”

Here’s what our winners had to say:

“Short term is climbing Mt Kosciusko and long term is Mt Everest. Keep it small, manageable and realistically achievable.”

– Rebecca H, NSW


“People run into unforeseen financial issues from time to time. Short term loans, when understood, are a viable option to bridge the gap.”

– Jared M, NSW


“Let people feel the responsibility of repaying at a manageable rate rather than take out credit cards that spiral out of control.”

– Laura E, VIC


“The cost of living in Sydney is becoming hard enough as it is, life throws curveballs and unexpected bills.”

– Matthew H, NSW


“Short term loans help out families in a short, one off unexpected situation. These loans are easy to manage and paid off faster.”

– Morgan E, NSW


“Perhaps offer people financial counselling if there is an identified pattern of a person taking out short term loans.”

– Amanda A, VIC


“Make them as transparent as Nimble. Ensure all charges as repayment costs are upfront and clear.”

– Nyssa M, SA


“Provide young people with education around managing finances rather than restricting people’s choices.”

– Kamal M, NSW


“Less debt and easy to repay in full. It’s quick and easy. This should be the new way of the credit card.”

– Gabrielle P, QLD


“I’d make sure there is more regulation so that people can’t get several short term loans from different places at the same time.”

– Zoe T, NSW


A huge thanks to everyone who completed our survey.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved!

What makes Nimble different?

In answering this I don’t want to talk about our customer service. Nimble is obsessed with customer service, we all know that.

Instead I want to talk about business philosophies. Thousands of books have been written on it. So surely the perfect business management model is out there, right?

Well if there was one perfect way, they wouldn’t have needed to write thousands of books on it would they?

Thing is, there is no one perfect way. The real world is too dynamic and variable.

After all, things change. The world changes. Your staff changes. Your customers change. Your product changes. Public perception of you changes. Your industry changes. Technology changes. Global financial crises change everything….

For us trying to grow a business this is scary. I mean it’s terrifying. You want to be able to produce perfectly accurate forecasts. Beautiful rising graphs….not rising too fast mind, just the right amount. You want a clear path. No surprises. No uncertainty.

Plus you’re a business founder so you can’t help being a perfectionist. You want to have all the information about what’s going to happen. You want to have the perfect solution.

So how do you deal with this? Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

1. ACCEPTANCE. The world is that way and there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact not only do you need to accept it you need to love it. It’s great. If things were always predictable nothing would ever change. There would be no room for creativity.

2. Stay NIMBLE. Be able to react quickly. That means no inertia. As soon as you sense things changing you need to recognise it. You need to move. Be a magician. Expect to have to pull things out of the hat at the last minute.

3. Have BALANCE. I’d almost call this wisdom. If you’re just reacting to everything, you’re out of control. So temper it with a calm, controlled awareness. I’m talking Zen-like. If this sounds exactly the opposite to step 2, then you’re probably right.

So you need some contrary qualities. But really what single person could have all these qualities? I don’t know many accepting, crazy, Zen Buddhists around.

Well you need to surround yourself with a team. A team with different personalities and skills. DON’T have clones of yourself and DON’T have to be the smartest one in your team.

Simple isn’t it?


The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.