Bored at work? We can help with these 4 techniques

It’s totally normal to go through peaks and troughs of motivation and boredom at work.


Heck, you’re there for most of your day and there’s a lot that can happen in those 8+ hours!


But if you’re feeling down about your day-to-day routine, you’re probably wanting to know: how do you put the spark back in your relationship with your 9-5?


The heavy stuff:


Some reports suggest that we’re facing a worldwide employee engagement crisis.


And in Australia, 60% of employees are disengaged from their workplace.


Here’s how you can take charge:


If you’re worried that you are feeling a little less in love with your job, perhaps try one of these 4 techniques:


  • Change the way you work. It could be something as simple as a new approach to doing things, changing up your morning routine or swapping your desk for a standing table and trying a different environment.


  • Look at the big picture and practice some good, old fashioned gratitude. Try writing down all the things you like about your job. Then go and do more of those things!


  • Take some time out and have a coffee with your work colleagues or your boss and ask about their weekend or their family.


  • Get creative and try something new – ask your boss if you can enrol in some online training and learn a new skill. It’s amazing how motivated you’ll be when you’ve got some new tricks up your sleeve.


work routine


Hopefully these helped boost your motivation!


However if you’re still struggling with all things work, it might be time to have a little chat with yourself and think about your options.


Life’s too short etc etc [insert your fave motivational quote here]!

Nimble Survey Winners

We had almost 9,000 of our members take part in Nimble’s latest survey.

This one focused on the types of services you’d like to see from Nimble, the types of loans you already have or need and areas of finance you’re interested in.

We love hearing from you guys and filling our brains up with great feedback from our members, so thank you everyone who participated!

To make the survey just that little bit more awesome, we gave away 2 x $500 Flight Centre vouchers and 5 x $200 Coles Myer vouchers to our lucky members who gave us the best answers to, “What’s the best product Nimble could offer to meet your financial needs?”

Here’s what the winners had to say:

“An expense coach.. Something that assists with discipline of spending/over spending. All income/wages into one account and payments/expenses are controlled or made on your behalf by the service provider. For any leisure spending, user would have to put in a request for funds and if the request does not meet the financial goals set and agreed to by the client at inception then funds are declined. Term is predetermined at beginning e.g 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc. On conclusion the expense coach has assisted in helping the client reach their financial goal – car, holiday, deposits.”

Damien, NSW


“A finances tracking app – many consumers utilise short-term loans for unexpected expenses. However, many of these unexpected expenses could be covered had the consumer budgeted more appropriately. I don’t foresee this negatively impacting Nimble’s core business, but rather than consumers would view this is a high value-adding product/service.”

Chad, VIC


“A product where I can find my own car online e.g Gumtree or Carsales, negotiate my own price, I get a loan from you on the car and you set me up a easy payment plan on the car.”

Areta, QLD


“I’m travelling to America in November December… I know the prepaid cards can be used internationally but maybe have something more tailored for customers needing back up funds overseas.”

Jessica, NSW


“Nimble should build apartments and consumers could move in and there rent would contribute to a % of ownership.”

Nicholas, VIC


“The best product Nimble could offer me is a points system that rewards people who repay their loans quicker than the repayment schedules, the quicker it’s paid back the more points awarded, these points could be redeemable for things like vouchers or deals etc, also a rollover so any leftover money on the Nimble Visa Prepaid Card stays there when a new payment is made onto it.”

Dillon, WA


“Instant IOU service. A pre-approved overdraft of sorts for the just in case moments. Maybe only a couple of hundred bucks.”

Louise, NSW


The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.

Walking it out – Nimble takes on Steptember

Do you dig walking cliches? Then this post is for you…

The who:

The Nimble crew took to the streets recently to help a cause close to our hearts.

The what:

We had three Nimble teams pounding the pavement in the 2015 Steptember challenge, raising a total of $824.26 by walking 10,000 steps a day from 2 – 29 September.

The why:

The challenge is focused on raising awareness and funds for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (as well as improving our cardio fitness, hello summer!).

As part of our Random Acts of Nimbleness, the business matched that of our step-happy teams, bringing the total up to $1,648.52.

Huge congrats to our awesome team mates who stepped up.


The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.