Sneak peak into who is on the other end of the line

March 24th, 2011

What do you know about our team?

Are they tall?


Do they have brown hair?

Are they wearing suits? Or just jeans and a t-shirt?

How much can you tell from just hearing their voice on the phone?

We could be blue aliens with 9 eyes and 7 arms.


I read through a bunch of our testimonials yesterday, it’s great to read what people have to say about the team – it helps us get better. Since our members took the time out to write to us, I thought I’d give you sneak peak into who’s on the other end of the line.

D.T in Victoria wrote:

“Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I am so impressed with Nimble. It is refreshing to deal with a company that delivers what it promises. Your staff I have deal with (Briana and Zoe) are courteous and provide exceptional customer service. Once again you have a great company there Greg and I wish you every success. Kind regards.”

Some facts about Zoe…

  1. What do you do at Nimble? Not much really…. just joking 🙂 I work in customer service, have helped out a bit with training and am just about to start looking after our financial hardship members.
  2. If you were a type of car, what would you be? And why? A magic carpet… I’m not into cars. as much as they’re convenient, they’ve only caused me trouble lately. Also, magic carpets would be much better for the environment and heaps more fun.
  3. If you could have breakfast with anyone in the world, who would it be? And why? No one exciting…I don’t really idolize anyone and I already get to have breakfast with the people I love most in the world 🙂
  4. What did you have for lunch today? Pesto pasta and a banana smoothie. Yummy.

M. D in NSW:

“Hi Nimble, during the time it has taken me to repay my loan, I have been dealing with Kirra. Over this time, I have found her to be polite, up beat and extremely helpful. If she ever had to ring me back for any reason, she actually rang back, unlike so many other companies. She was never rude, never condescending and never difficult to deal with. Dealing with her was actually hassle free and a pleasure. How many people say that about someone trying to get money off them? If more companies had people like Kirra working for them collecting money, they would definitely get more of their money back. Thanks for your time.”

A little bit about Kirra…

  1. What team are you apart of at Nimble? Repayments team.
  2. What coffee do you drink? Zarraffa’s- Grande Skinny Latte, Double Shot!
  3. If you could escape to anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go? Phuket (Patong Beach).
  4. If you were a type of shoe, what would you be? And why? Havaianas, they’re comfortable colourful and popular 🙂


K.T in Victoria:

“Thank you Larissa, thanks so much for your assistance with this…I so appreciate it and your help. You have been most dedicated and professional in your approach whilst acting in haste for your potential client. I’m very happy and satisfied to have been dealing with you and look forward to continued relations when the need arises. I’ll also refer you to any of my colleagues that have temporary issues also. Warm regards and thank you. Best Wishes!”

A bit about Larissa…

  1. What do you do at Nimble? I’m an Underwriter.
  2. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Yogurt and muesli, and a cookies and cream protein shake – yum.
  3. What is your favourite TV show? Easy…Family guy!!
  4. If you were a dog, what breed would you be? And why? I would be a Golden Retriever because they are fun-loving, gentle, naturally intelligent and full of energy.


M. K. from QLD:

“Thanks for your patience while I was having financial difficulties Matthew. Glad to say I’m back on track now, in part because of your company’s flexibility and understanding. Send my compliments to you and your team on how you guys handle and run your business. Kind Regards.”

Matt reveals all…

  1. What do you do within Nimble? I work in the repayments department and help people out with their payments.
  2. Favourite band? Metallica
  3. What would be your first question to the people of Antarctica? You got any ice?
  4. Who do you sit next to and how would you describe them in 3 words? I sit next to Steph H, she’s funny, hardworking, and my biggest competition =P

If you’ve had a wonderful encounter with someone from the Nimble…

Send us a testimonial about them and we’ll pop it on the website!