Side Hustles That Can Make You Some Dough

November 20th, 2019

Gone are the days where you could get a little extra pocket money for putting out the garbage, doing the dishes, or just cleaning your room. As adults, we need to hustle a little harder for that bonus money in our pockets. We’ve rounded up some side hustle ideas that’ll inspire you to get working, and fatten up your wallet – just in time for the silly season!

1. Selling products online

If you have a creative flair, opening your own Etsy store can make you extra coin. If your friends and family can’t stop raving about your handmade candles, or, you’re a knitting whiz who makes cute cardies for small dogs – setting up an online store will give your products (and your creativity!) exposure. Online stores tend to do well when they’re targeted towards a niche audience (so hey, your Harry Potter fan art might finally be useful!). Before you pick up your Grandma’s knitting needles, do research. There are fees to sell on most online platforms, and you’ll need to weigh up the cost of production with the cost of selling, but don’t underestimate how much moolah your creativity and passion can earn you online. 

2. Become a virtual assistant

If your organisation skills are second to none and you’re well versed in the ways of administration, becoming a virtual assistant could be the perfect side hustle for you. The range of tasks you need to complete as a virtual assistant varies, and depending on your skillset you could be quite in demand. Tasks range from video editing to data entry, to customer support, to even content research. Best of all, you can complete these tasks in your comfiest pj’s on your couch while sipping on some tea, and nobody will know the difference. 

3. Teach English online

There are a few prerequisites for teaching English online, but there’s also potential to make some serious coin! In most instances, you’ll have to complete a short course, or even have a Bachelor’s degree (not just in teaching, any degree will work) but these aren’t always set in stone. The rule seems to be the more qualifications you have, the more jobs available to you. So if you’re serious about getting your online teacher on – make sure you do your research. A good attitude will go a long way, and you’ll be helping mold young minds all while making some dough. 

5. Rent out a room on Airbnb

If you have a spare room and don’t mind welcoming actual strangers into your home, you can make money with Airbnb. You’ll need to make sure you’re a gracious host and provide a clean living space for your guests, but, depending on your location and size of room or house, you can make a tidy sum that’ll fatten your wallet without a whole lotta effort. 

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