Productivity | 6 Ways To Get Work Done

April 19th, 2013

Get work done - electrifying productivity

We’ve talked about starting things. And the importance of sickening work ethic. And we’ve covered off on 3 simple productivity rules.

We’ve even told you about 3 ways to get nothing done on a daily basis.

That’s why it’s now time to roll up your sleeves and get actual work done. Yes, actual work. The things you get paid to do.

So here’s how to get stuff done and increase productivity:

Get into your groove.

Do you work well in the mornings right after you’ve had your coffee?

Or do you feel your productivity is heightened by popping on your headphones and listening to a round (or two) of Beethoven’s symphony in the afternoon?

Whatever it takes to get you going is exactly what you should be doing.

Discover your rhythm and roll with it. You’ll find that’s the best time to accomplish all those tedious and annoying tasks. And then you can jump onto the fun ones.

Switch up your work environment.

You may be really good at getting things down when you’re sitting at your computer in your closed-off office.

But what if you moved out into an open space and set yourself up in front of a window? You might learn that your superb at getting things done this way.

Workspace preferences differ greatly from person to person. While a corporate environment might work for some, others will favour the hustle and bustle of their local café.

Giving a new workspace a go could be the difference between 75% productivity and 98% productivity.

Remove distractions.

Mobile phones, flashy tables, new and old social media apps, Facebook games, Meme sites, free online IQ tests… The list goes on.

Whether a distraction is a positive or negative one, it’s still a distraction — so get rid of it.

When you get to work, pop your phone into a draw and install a social networks blocking program onto your computer (something like Cold Turkey might be good).

Then throw yourself into your tasks and when you tick a couple of them off the list, treat yourself with a social media break.

Speaking of breaks…

You should totally be taking breaks.

While it seems counterintuitive — regular breaks can actually increase your productivity.

Your brain needs a rest every now and then, so do your eyes (especially if you work with a computer), and all your other senses.

Every 60 to 90 minutes you should get up, walk around, have a snack (we’re talking an apple, not a packet of chips), maybe you could even pop on some music and do a little jig.

Do whatever it takes to get the blood flowing and the brain relaxed.

Prioritise your tasks.

This is one of those Captain Obvious points. But it’s in here because having an order of ‘most important’ to ‘least important’ doesn’t always mean you’ll be productive.

Sometimes a least important task could be much more challenging than one of medium importance. It may also require more brain power.

That’s where you really need to know your groove, so you can pump out that task when you’re feeling most productive.

It could mean the rest of your day (and work) runs super smoothly after that.

Freak out! Then calm down.

Here’s the thing — a little bit of freaking out is a good thing.

It means you care. And you’re genuinely interested in completing your work and getting it right. Otherwise you wouldn’t give two hoots.

So once you’ve had that initial onset of butterflies in your stomach, sit down and take a deep breath. Play a game or two of Angry Birds on your phone.

And then dive head first into your work — because you’ve totally got it all under control.


What are some of the things you do to increase your productivity and just get work done?