Pets That Are As Lowkey As You Are

November 6th, 2019

It has been said that having a pet in your house lowers stress, boosts your happiness, and can improve your overall health! If spoiling a chihuahua isn’t your thing, or, you don’t have a cool $80,000 lying around to splurge on a rare stag beetle, then we’ve compiled a list of pets that are as relaxed and lowkey as you are on a Sunday afternoon.

1. Mice 

Move over Stuart Little! A mouse is the perfect companion for anyone who isn’t into creepy crawlies but can’t quite commit to a large and expensive pet. Mice don’t need any pricey training and don’t need a lot of food to keep happy. Unless your pet mouse has the same palate as Ratatouille, you can get away with feeding your rodent a healthy diet that includes fresh fruit, veggies, beans, and chickpeas.

2. Cats

No matter where you sit on the ol’ dog V cat debate, you can’t deny cats are generally more lowkey to parent than their canine counterparts. Cats don’t need any outdoor time, and just like you in winter, they’re quite content never venturing outside. Save money by fulfilling their exercise needs with inexpensive toys that’ll keep them entertained for hours (or, just give them some household products like paper bags, socks, or ping pong balls – they honestly won’t know the difference!).

3. Goldfish

Goldfish were enthralling pets when you were 11, but why does that have to change? Okay, so your pet fish isn’t going to jump excitedly at the door when you get home after work, and you probably won’t be inundated with awwws when you post an Insta shot of your new scaly pal – but hear us out. The humble goldfish is far more lowkey than tropical fish, and easy to keep entertained (what with that 5-second attention span and all). Fish food won’t break the bank and these guys don’t need expensive tanks to regulate their water. You’ll still need to stay on top of all the cleaning and make sure your fish friend is eating the right amount of food to ensure they just keep swimming! Bonus points go to how relaxing it is to come home after a stressful day and watch your new fish pet swim gracefully around their tank.

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