People don’t listen to Companies – They listen to people

May 20th, 2010

Today we’re going to reveal one of the things we’ve been working on for the last few months.

We’ve been writing about it, designing it, developing the usability aspect of it and even videoing demos of it. It’s a lot of fun, easy to use and most importantly, it enables people to get cash 24/7 no matter where they are.

In a few weeks we’re also launching another new invention that will allow people to try their first Nimble loan at zero risk.

It’s understandable that getting small loans on the internet is pretty scary for people. So we thought it’d be great if you could dip your toes in and see what it’s all about without any risk. After all, a lot of people are still a bit jittery doing any type of transaction over the internet. My Mum isn’t really that old and is generally keen to learn new things , but there’s no way I can get her to buy books and DVDs on Amazon. She just won’t do it. The thing is it can save you so much time and really improve your life, just look at online banking vs queuing up at the bank a couple of times a month. Once you’ve tried it a few times it’s really not that scary at all.

Another thing we’re trying to work on at Nimble is deepening the relationships with our clients. That might sound funny from an online only company, but customer service has always been our number one thing. Now we want to take it a step further to reinforce the good client relationships we have and even start encouraging client to client interaction. Our site is more than just a source of fast cash. It’s a wealth of resources and information about money, stuff you don’t learn at school or from your parents. It’s important to start generating a dialogue about these things, whether it’s just living week to week or starting to actually get ahead and put down a foundation.

We also want to learn more from our clients to improve ourselves too. So in a few months we’ll allow clients to review our loans on our site. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback (most of what we get now is positive) people will be able to view other peoples, feedback, even if they haven’t had a loan with us before. It’ll be a bit like reviewing a book on Amazon, that’s the second mention they’ve had on one blog post.

At the end of the day it comes down to transparency and giving as much value as possible. Short term online loans are often viewed in a bad light due to how some providers have conducted themselves in the past as well as some misunderstanding about the industry. But as we have expressed throughout our site and many times before, we’re doing things totally differently from everyone else.

People are smart. They want to see that a company is willing to split itself wide open before they commit to doing business with it. They also need to see peer to peer reviews and get a feel for how the company treats its clients. I reckon it’s a great thing and it’s important for companies to provide pathways for this to happen. If a company is doing something wrong they won’t get repeat business or enjoy the benefits of word of mouth, so why not just be transparent right from the outset. It’s actually really simple – people don’t listen to companies, they listen to people.

I’m excited about the innovations set to roll out very soon and all of the ideas for the second half of 2009. I’m excited about how it will help people enjoy what we do at an even higher level than now, plus it’s always good to cement our position as the top guys in Australia.

I’ll talk to you later