How to Reduce Your Spending at Boxing Day Sales

November 23rd, 2017

Attention all bargain-seekers! The biggest day of the year for sales in Australia is just around the corner.

We’re sure you’re already thinking past the carols, Christmas ham and crackers, champing at the bit to pick up some huge savings. That’s why we’ve put together our complete guide to tackling the Boxing Day sales.

Armed with the info below, you’re sure to nail this year’s savings and pick up everything that Santa forgot for an amazing price.

Top Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales

Don’t leave it to the 26th

Gone are the days of Boxing Day Sales actually meaning the sales start on Boxing Day. Retailers are pushing their sales dates earlier and earlier.

The key to getting the best out of Boxing Day sales is to get in as early as possible because, unsurprisingly, the best offers go first. Keeping an ear out for when sales dates are dropping is crucial, so check their websites and social media regularly.

Shop online

Every year, there will be some exclusive in-store Boxing Day bargains to lure shoppers in, but it is becoming less common.

That means, instead of lining up before the shops open on the 26th, you can get all your Boxing Day savings in your pyjamas eating Christmas leftovers.

Have a budget and a list of priorities

Retailers don’t put on these sales out of the goodness of their hearts. These ‘sales’ events are a great way for them to clear excess stock they otherwise wouldn’t have sold as people clamour for deals.

Unfortunately, it also means we buy things we don’t need and miss out on things we want in the excitement, so it is important to have a clear idea of what you want the most going in.

Tips for shopping the biggest discounts

Christmas decorations, cards, wrapping paper and anything else festive themed!

The biggest savings you’ll see on Boxing Day will be on anything Christmas related. Shops want to get that stuff off their shelves as soon as possible. We’re talking about instant discounts from 50 to 70%.

And if you’re clever, you can not only sort out your Christmas wrapping for next year but for presents all year round, by picking out some non-festive patterns that get chucked in the discount box. In fact, there is plenty of ‘Christmas-related’ stuff you can pick up super cheap that is handy all year round, like sticky-tape, paper plates and napkins.

Tech discounts

While you can’t always know what the best discounts will be until Boxing Day begins, previous sales tell us that technology is a pretty sure bet for some great savings. And because tech items are pretty expensive, the savings are usually more significant.

The type of items to keep your eye on are those that have either been out for a little while, like the Xbox One X, which has been out for over a year now, and items from companies that are launching a new product early in the new year, like Samsung who are launching their new smartphone range in February. You could easily expect to see savings of up to $500 on some of these devices.

Another good indication is what items were discounted in the recent Black Friday sales. For example, Bose Headphones were going for as low as half price ($200 off) during those sales, so if you missed out, keep an eye out for the same items.

Discounts on fashion brands

When it comes to fashion, usually your best bet is heading along to the bigger department stores or logging onto the biggest online retailers.

As with the tech retailers history is the best indicator of who will deliver the best bargains. Below is a list of some of the best discounts for fashion during previous Boxing Day sales. Expect to see a similar list for best deals this year too.

  • ASOS – 50% off sale
  • David Jones – Up to 50% off women’s, men’s and kid’s fashion, shoes and accessories
  • Myer – 30-50% off selected clothing
  • H&M – Up to 70% off selected stock
  • Cotton On – Up to 50% off all sale items

Discounted home appliances

If you’ve had your eye on a kitchen appliance or vacuum cleaner, don’t miss out on Boxing Day sales at the Good Guys, Harvey Norman or David Jones.

The Good Guys, in particular, run their famous knock-out sale on Boxing Day but they often start it much earlier, as much as a week before Christmas.

Generally, new-line appliances come out in September-October, however many stores will still have older models around by the end of the year, so it is worth bringing your haggling game with you as sales staff will be keen to clear the showroom floor of all the older models before the New Year comes around.

This is especially the case for big-ticket white good items like fridges or washing machines that you can get with clearance prices of as much as 50% off, saving you well over $500.

Bargain bed sheets

Good bed sheets aren’t cheap, and they tend to be one of those items that we take a long time to get around to replacing.

That makes Boxing Day the perfect time to pounce. Last year Sheridan had a 50% to 60% sale on their sheets with a few vendors, as well as out of their own online store. Depending on the sheet set that could total savings of up to $300.

Cheap flights

Budget airlines like Jetstar and Tiger have been getting in on the Boxing Day sale-mania in recent years.

Last year Jetstar had a huge Boxing Day sale with domestic flights starting at $25 and international legs as little as $99, including Melbourne to Hawaii return flights for just over $800.

Discounted luggage

If you’re going on a Boxing Day Sale holiday, you might want to grab some luggage too right?

Luggage isn’t one of those sure bet items you can always get for a bargain on Boxing Day, but when it does go on sale, you can get HUGE discounts on excellent brands. Top end brands like Samsonite have been known to have 50% sales on their range, with savings of up to $250.

Plus getting a really good piece of luggage can be a ‘buy it for life’ type purchase, so it can be worthwhile keeping an eye on the top brands in case they decide to put out a sale.

Those are our top tips for this year’s Boxing Day. Let us know if you’ve got any major bargains in years gone past. And don’t forget, if you don’t want to miss out on the savings, Nimble can help you spread the cost of your purchases with a hassle-free small cash loan.

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