Hot Tech Trends Changing Our Daily Life

June 6th, 2017

Remember the good old days of dial-up internet in the 1990’s and the amazement we felt at being able to send emails to people anywhere in the world at any time? The excited “you’ve got mail!” we heard as a reply landed in our inbox? Or for that matter, the launch of the revolutionary Apple iPhone just under 10 years ago, which gave us the novelty of browsing the internet on the train to work, when sitting at the dinner table with friends and pretty much everywhere else? There’s little doubt we’ve all been swept up in these rapid digital technology changes that have occurred in a very short space of time. So if you’re keen to keep two steps ahead of the changing technological guard next time, we’ve put together a handy and up-to-date list of three hot tech trends set to change how we live our daily lives in years to come.


1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Ever wondered what your smartphone would say if it could talk? The tales it would tell about you! Or how much easier life would be if your fridge had a mind of its own and could send you a handy text to pick up a carton of milk on your way home from work? The Internet of Things (also known as IoT) is making all this and more a possibility, by connecting common devices or “things” via Wi-Fi.


  • Wearable Devices

Perhaps the most obvious example of the Internet of Things are wearable devices that have risen to fame in recent years, thanks to the launch of high tech gadgets like the Apple Watch and Fitbit to name a few examples. Able to track our daily movements and much more, these handy add-ons are helping make us more sci-fi by the day!


  • Voice Search

As well as being able to connect common digital devices into one big happy family, another quirk of IoT is the ability it gives us to talk directly to those devices to ask questions (hello Google!) or simply give commands (Alexa, turn off the lights)! Chief amongst voice search technologies worth keeping an eye on are Google Home and Amazon Alexa, coming to a home near you…


2. Fintech 

Gone are the days when taking out a personal loan, or any money for that matter involved finding time to line up in a stuffy branch of an established big bank. Thanks to the advent of Fintech (or financial technology), a range of nimble startups (no pun intended) have emerged to offer us alternative ways of getting our hands on cold hard cash.


  • Bitcoin 

The poster boy for fintech is Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency developed by a bunch of hardcore computer programmers who kindly released their invention onto the online world in 2009. Unlike traditional currency (i.e. the Aussie Dollar), Bitcoin works by allowing holders to conduct transactions online directly, without any meddling intermediary (such as the Reserve Bank or ATO). Transactions are instead verified by a blockchain, a fancy database that lives deep in cyberspace!


  • Nimble Algorithm 

Another innovation out of the fintech revolution is Nimble ourselves, with our top secret algorithm using machine-learning technology and behavioural data to assess every loan application against a broad range of various data sources, with potentially thousands of data points, all within minutes. This allows us to quickly assess borrowers’ applications and get our small cash loans transferred into approved borrowers bank accounts within an hour of borrowers confirming their loan, giving them access to their money faster, so they can get on with their life.*


3. Health & Fitness Apps

Keeping fit and fab has never been more important than in today’s image-obsessed world! Instagram and #fitspo workout selfies aside, there are some seriously cool gadgets and health & fitness apps on the market to help you get the most out of exercise and get rewarded for doing it.


  • Exercise Tracking 

As mentioned under the Internet of Things, wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Fitbit have entered the mainstream in recent years, allowing us to track our daily steps, monitor our heart rate, measure our walking or running speed and tell us how we’re doing on the calorie burning front amongst many more features. Don’t want to invest in the above? No problem, there’s plenty of stand-alone apps that work a treat on any smartphone, including Endomondo, Google Fit, Pocket Yoga and RunKeeper.


  • Lowering Health Premiums

Last but not least, thanks to the ability to measure our physical activity comes the opportunity to also be rewarded for that gruelling early morning workout session or even for just maintaining a regular gym routine. Qantas has got in on the act with their Qantas Assure program where you can earn frequent flyer points for being active, whilst insurance providers like AIA Vitality and Asteron Life are offering customers lower premiums.


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