Giving makes you feel great

May 20th, 2010

When an economic crisis hit, the first sector to make noise is the business sector. Less sales, shrinking profits, budget cuts, and massive layoffs are the buzz words everywhere in financially hard times. But there’s another sector that takes a major hit and that’s philanthropy and charities. With less cash to spend, people tend to cut the things they think are non-essentials or things that is less of a sacrifice. During financial hard times, charities are very much affected, with fewer donors and corporate sponsorships.

Recently, the Australia Council for the Arts gave a negative forecast for this year. Since the worldwide financial crisis is still without let-up, even though it’s looking better, it predicts that people will stop or lessen their donations and contributions, especially to the arts. However, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Australia’s most admired philanthropist said, We all have a responsibility, I think, to our fellows, and everyone’s gift is important. For those who love the arts, even a gift of $10 to their favourite art gallery is a big help. During tough times, every bit counts.

Philanthropy takes many forms, whether a $2 donation to the Salvation Army or $100 to the bushfire appeal, the help finds its way to the right beneficiaries. If there are emergencies in your community or national calamities like the bushfires or floods, dig deep in your pockets and give something. It not only helps a good cause but it makes you feel great about yourself..

A cash advance can help you bridge the gap until your next payday and donating a few dollars can make you feel great. Yes, it takes a bit of a sacrifice but it’s all worth it. As Dame Elisabeth put it, When you’re philanthropic, it’s so wonderful to know you’ve made a difference to other people.