Get off your phone this new year by using tech (and other methods).

It’s the new year.


You’re making resolutions left, right and centre.


You’re promising yourself you’ll be healthier, happier, or more productive (or all three, you beautiful overachiever, you).


You’re letting your friends know about it with the copious amounts of #newyearnewme hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… you name it.


But could that be a problem in itself?



Look, we’re all guilty of scrolling through Facebook’s most recent activity, then jumping over to Instagram and having a little looksee and then going back over to Facebook to see if anything’s changed in the last 2 minutes.


But are you missing what’s happening in the #realworld by spending too much time on your phone?


If you’re at risk of having a permanently bent neck from looking at your smart phone (uh oh), cut down your social media use in the New Year.


Here’s how you can do it, with technology (oh, the irony):


  • Admit there is a problem. Like all addictions, this is the first step to rehabilitation. Cue the ‘social media is for you to use, don’t let it use you’ line. OK good. Moving on.


  • Track your time spent online with a good, old fashioned stopwatch. Luckily most smartphones have one available. Too much old-school action for you? Then download an app like Moment, which will track the time you spend on certain apps and set limitations for phone usage. If you exceed the usage, annoying push notifications will flood your screen. logo-404496b4cc10fe8de6d1ee8c6dbf6539
  • Edit your notifications. Remove the push variety from all your social networking sites. You don’t need a real-time play-by-play for the amount of likes you’re collecting for your latest meal flatlay, do you?


  • So you think you may just need a gentle, friendly nudge to steer you in the right direction? Stay on Task for Android very politely checks in with you to see if you’re still on task for any given time period / project. How quaint!



  • Desperate times call for desperate measures? Straight up block distracting (or time-wasting) apps for games or social networking by using Offtime. You can tailor it to suit your downtime, family time or social time so you can still access your phone but without the distraction of the apps that set you back. Other goodies for this are Flipd and AppDetox if you want a more aggressive approach.



Finally, when you think you’re on the edge of jumping into your social channels, go outside. Take a deep breath. Spend some time with family or friends – you know, in the flesh.


Oh, and – Happy New Year!


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