Cheap Ways To Survive The Heat This Summer

November 20th, 2019

Even though summer hasn’t officially started, we’re already experiencing blistering and balmy weather all around the country. Don’t sweat it, keeping cool in the dead of an Aussie summer doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Here are some simple ways you can keep your cool without having to resort to a winter escape in Canada.

1. Your biggest fan

If you’re not #blessed enough to live in a house with aircon (or, your only mate with an A/C unit has hinted you’ve overstayed your welcome) there are some pretty nifty tricks with a fan you can use to cool down your space. Pick up a few bags of ice from your local servo and turn them into a DIY aircon that’ll seriously chill your room. Placing a large bucket filled with ice in front of a fan helps to move cool air around the room, pushing hot air outside (where it belongs!). Obviously, for this to work, you’ll need to keep your window open so the fan can move the hot air out of your space.  Remember that hot air rises, so this works best with a fan close to the ground. 

2. Check yourself

If you struggle to sleep in conditions as hot as an oven (understandable) using a damp cloth to cool down is a quick way to get a good night’s sleep while you’re roasting. The trick for this to work is knowing what pressure points in your body will cool you down the fastest. Focus on putting your ice pack, or a wet towel, on the back of your neck, inner elbows, wrists, and the soles of your feet. Pro-tip, keep a spray bottle in the fridge so you can spray yourself down whenever you’re starting to burn up!

3. H2o Just add water

Water is a free (or relatively cheap if you prefer bottled spring water to a good ol’ fashion tap beverage) way to keep cool. Besides the numerous other benefits (glowing complexion anybody?) staying hydrated helps you regulate your body temperature and improves the function of your natural cooling mechanisms (a fancy way of describing your natural built-in A/C). Add ice to your water to help reduce your temperature and give your body a fighting chance on those stinking hot days. We know an icy cold beer is tempting on a blisteringly hot afternoon, and at risk of sounding like your mother, try and opt for water instead – leaving the bevies for another day. 

4. Throw some shade

Turn your home into a dark lair while you watch Christmas movies and try to forget about the hot sun outside. Keep your curtains down, and channel your inner vampire by avoiding the light. Blackout fabric from places like Spotlight are cheap and will help to keep those rays (and heat) out of your house!

5. Cook-off

Avoid at any costs using your oven on those ridiculously hot days. An oven can generate a whole lotta heat in your home, and those oven-baked cookies can wait. If you need some treats for your heat escape, go for microwave popcorn or anything that doesn’t need an excess of heat to make!

If you’re really struggling to keep cool, a Nimble Personal Loan can help you install a killer aircon unit that’ll transform your home into the North Pole. If you’re dreaming of a getaway to somewhere cooler, a Nimble Payday Loan can help you escape to a theme park, because is there anything more fun than keeping chill on a water slide? 

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