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Bank Feeds – How we use them to make your application quick & secure

Applying for a loan with Nimble is super simple. We throw away the mountains of paperwork and stuffy face-to-face meetings you get with the banks, and streamline the process for the simplest, most secure and fastest way to short-term loan approved.

However, with so many advancements in technology, it’s normal for people to have questions about the application process. In fact, one of our most common topics we receive enquiries about are bank feeds…how they work, what we use them for and most importantly, how secure are they?

So we’ve listed our most commonly asked questions below, and just like our mission statement… To delight people by making borrowing simple, fast and stress-free”.., we’ve answered each one with this in mind… so you can get to the end without having to Google any definitions.


First off…what is a bank feed?

A bank feed is a tech tool that extracts data from bank statements. They are widely used, especially in the world of accounting, allowing businesses to sync transactions from bank accounts into accounting software automatically. It saves a massive amount of time, removing the need for you to manually send your bank statements to us.

Bank feeds are used throughout the US, Australia and other parts of the world, servicing millions of individuals and hundreds of the world’s largest financial institutions.


So, why does Nimble use bank feeds?

We do this as part of our obligation as a responsible lender and to remove the necessity of having you send multiple documents such as bank statements, payslips, tax returns and lease agreements. Nimble is also required by law to collect and review at least 90 days worth of bank statements, among other things, for all Small Loan applications.

We use this service to verify the information you’ve given us, such as your income and expenses, and allow us to assess your suitability for the loan and your ability to pay it back.

To save you from sending envelopes, emails and carrier pigeons with your information, we use bank feeds for fast, secure, read-only access to your bank statements. Bank feeds allow us to provide you with a straightforward application, which can be lodged with just a few taps and clicks, from any device at any time. The process is so simple that you can literally apply online for a Nimble short-term loan from anywhere in Australia.


But is it definitely secure?

Of course! Your security and privacy are always our number one priority. We ensure your personal details are safe and secure throughout the entire process.

All of our systems and processes are engineered to ensure you and your financial data are fully protected.

The fancy term for this is called “end-to-end encryption”, which means your connection between your browser and our servers is constantly safe. We also employ daily 3rd-party security scans from McAfee – this is exactly the same level that banks and brokerages use to safeguard you and your financial data, meaning your profile and details are safe with us.


What external providers does Nimble use?

Bank feeds are enabled by our external service providers, Yodlee and Proviso Pty Ltd (trading as Using an external provider for this kind of purpose is extremely common in business and banking, and the providers allow us access to the best in specialist bank feed technology and security.


What can Nimble do with my bank account?

When you input your login information the external provider effectively logs in to your account, but in a read-only capacity. Essentially, we receive a screenshot of your banking transactions, so we have absolutely zero ability to move funds around or change any of your account details. Nimble will also never see your internet banking passwords or credit card number details.

So if you’re interested in a safe, stress-free, fresh approach to lending, check out our smart cash loans from Nimble!*


* This is not a loan offer. Loans are subject to meeting Nimble’s lending criteria and suitability checks.


You should read this bit: Sometimes we use links in our blogs that belong to a variety of websites and not Nimble, so clicking on, and using them, will take you away from Nimble’s website, meaning we’ve got no control or responsibility over the content. Nimble does not endorse and is not affiliated or associated in any way whatsoever to the businesses named in our blog posts. The information in our blog posts is general information only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.


We won some awards, yay!

It’s not often we brag about stuff.

But because we’re super nerds we couldn’t contain this one.


This is in here purely because it brings us joy.

Earlier this year, we entered a bunch of Marketing Excellence awards for some of our TV campaigns.

And here’s where we kicked butt:

  • The Australian Effie Awards
    We won bronze – which is a super awesome effort! We were up against the likes of Vodafone and Bank of New Zealand in the financial products and services category.

All the marketing, all the time.

Well-chuffed would be an accurate description of where we’re at right now.

Like, we knew our TV ads we entered were an extremely successful campaign and we knew that we had smashed our targets for all objectives…

… But it’s still nice to get a pat on the back from our industry pals.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Nimble, what objectives does one have for a marketing campaign?’

Great question.

Here’s what we were working towards:

  • New users: first and foremost, the campaign aimed to attract new customers to our site.
  • Build brand profile: we were set the task of delivering dramatic shifts in brand health.
  • Brand understanding and association: finding out what we can do better from our last lot of campaigns and doing it.
  • Online enquiries: metrics were established for online enquiries.

Awesome work team!

If you have any questions for our marketing team – write them in the comments. We love talking about this stuff!


Quick heads up: The above links belong to a variety of websites and not Nimble, so clicking on, and using them, will take you away from Nimble’s website meaning we’ve got no control or responsibility over the content. Nimble does not endorse and is not affiliated or associated in any way whatsoever to the businesses named in this blog post.

The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.

Nimble Survey Winners

We had almost 9,000 of our members take part in Nimble’s latest survey.

This one focused on the types of services you’d like to see from Nimble, the types of loans you already have or need and areas of finance you’re interested in.

We love hearing from you guys and filling our brains up with great feedback from our members, so thank you everyone who participated!

To make the survey just that little bit more awesome, we gave away 2 x $500 Flight Centre vouchers and 5 x $200 Coles Myer vouchers to our lucky members who gave us the best answers to, “What’s the best product Nimble could offer to meet your financial needs?”

Here’s what the winners had to say:

“An expense coach.. Something that assists with discipline of spending/over spending. All income/wages into one account and payments/expenses are controlled or made on your behalf by the service provider. For any leisure spending, user would have to put in a request for funds and if the request does not meet the financial goals set and agreed to by the client at inception then funds are declined. Term is predetermined at beginning e.g 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc. On conclusion the expense coach has assisted in helping the client reach their financial goal – car, holiday, deposits.”

Damien, NSW


“A finances tracking app – many consumers utilise short-term loans for unexpected expenses. However, many of these unexpected expenses could be covered had the consumer budgeted more appropriately. I don’t foresee this negatively impacting Nimble’s core business, but rather than consumers would view this is a high value-adding product/service.”

Chad, VIC


“A product where I can find my own car online e.g Gumtree or Carsales, negotiate my own price, I get a loan from you on the car and you set me up a easy payment plan on the car.”

Areta, QLD


“I’m travelling to America in November December… I know the prepaid cards can be used internationally but maybe have something more tailored for customers needing back up funds overseas.”

Jessica, NSW


“Nimble should build apartments and consumers could move in and there rent would contribute to a % of ownership.”

Nicholas, VIC


“The best product Nimble could offer me is a points system that rewards people who repay their loans quicker than the repayment schedules, the quicker it’s paid back the more points awarded, these points could be redeemable for things like vouchers or deals etc, also a rollover so any leftover money on the Nimble Visa Prepaid Card stays there when a new payment is made onto it.”

Dillon, WA


“Instant IOU service. A pre-approved overdraft of sorts for the just in case moments. Maybe only a couple of hundred bucks.”

Louise, NSW


The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.

Thankyou Group

Yeah, we think we scrub up alright.

Just by munching on some delicious muesli bars* and washing our hands with some yummy soap, we’ve helped almost 57,000 people this month. No biggie.

It’s hard to imagine that every time you choose a brand of hand wash you’re impacting the earth in a positive or negative way.

Well, the team at Nimble has made that our reality. Cue: Thankyou®.

As part of the Nimble Community initiative, our team of eco- and social-injustice warriors have changed up the products we’re using on our skin and feelin’ pretty darn good about it, too.

So far, from changing something as easy as the brand of handwash we’re scrubbin’ up with or the muesli bars we eat at morning tea, we’ve contributed to helping:

  • Food projects for 56,817 people in Darfur, Sudan
  • Health projects for over 100 people in Matangani, Zimbabwe

It feels awesome to know that every time we wash our hands, we’re helping fund social and economical change in developing nations. (Let’s not forget that the Thankyou®  stuff makes our job pretty easy.)

We love partnering with awesome Aussie businesses doing epic things worldwide.

*Note – we have since ordered 20 more boxes of these because we can’t get enough!

The Nimble Member Survey Winners

Thanks to over 9,000 of you (wow!) for taking the time to fill out our Nimble Member Survey in June.

We love hearing about how you like to spend your money, what makes you tick and how Nimble can make your life easier.

We love surveys because it’s an easy way to check in with our members and make sure we’re constantly delivering a great Nimble experience.

We recently asked a group of our members to tell us a bit more about why they like using short term loans and what sets Nimble apart from competitors. We received some great responses!

To sweeten the deal, we even gave away 2 x $500 Flight Centre vouchers and 8 x Coles Myer vouchers to our lucky members who gave us the best answers to, “What one message would you give to government around the regulation of short term loans?”

Here’s what our winners had to say:

“Short term is climbing Mt Kosciusko and long term is Mt Everest. Keep it small, manageable and realistically achievable.”

– Rebecca H, NSW


“People run into unforeseen financial issues from time to time. Short term loans, when understood, are a viable option to bridge the gap.”

– Jared M, NSW


“Let people feel the responsibility of repaying at a manageable rate rather than take out credit cards that spiral out of control.”

– Laura E, VIC


“The cost of living in Sydney is becoming hard enough as it is, life throws curveballs and unexpected bills.”

– Matthew H, NSW


“Short term loans help out families in a short, one off unexpected situation. These loans are easy to manage and paid off faster.”

– Morgan E, NSW


“Perhaps offer people financial counselling if there is an identified pattern of a person taking out short term loans.”

– Amanda A, VIC


“Make them as transparent as Nimble. Ensure all charges as repayment costs are upfront and clear.”

– Nyssa M, SA


“Provide young people with education around managing finances rather than restricting people’s choices.”

– Kamal M, NSW


“Less debt and easy to repay in full. It’s quick and easy. This should be the new way of the credit card.”

– Gabrielle P, QLD


“I’d make sure there is more regulation so that people can’t get several short term loans from different places at the same time.”

– Zoe T, NSW


A huge thanks to everyone who completed our survey.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved!

Nimble’s Daily Habits: KeepCups over Disposable Cups Everyday

Did you know that it’s Plastic Free July?

This made our choice for this month’s Daily Habit change a bit of a no brainer…

On the 1st of July, every staff member at Nimble got a KeepCup. This means there will be no more disposable cups filling up our Nimble bins, and that’s a lot of cups – as we do love our coffee!

Here are our top reasons for becoming KeepCup reusers:

  • Every minute, over one million disposable cups are discarded into landfill
  • When compared to the disposable cups, using KeepCups reduces landfill by at least 99% every year
  • Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use disposable items

If that’s not enough to get you to make the change too, head to the KeepCup website – you’ll never look back. You can even design your own KeepCups here.

Here’s how the transition went down at Nimble:

Nimble’s Daily Habits: Organic and Fair Trade Coffee Anyone?

This week Nimble launched an internal initiative called, Daily Habits. Through Daily Habits, the Nimble team will be working together to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices in our day-to-day work.


Our first change that we made this week was making the swap from supermarket purchased, brown-water-esque coffee to deliciously ethical coffee beans from Toby’s Estate. It’s Organic, it’s Fair Trade and it tastes good in the mouth as well as the heart.


Why choose Fair Trade?
Did you know that 90% of the world’s coffee production takes place in developing countries with the top three producers being Brazil, Vietnam and Cambodia? Working conditions in the coffee industry have often been described as ‘sweatshops in the fields’.
By choosing Fair Trade, we help the change by providing the growers in these developing countries better working conditions and a higher cut of the profit. 


 Why choose Organic?
Organic coffee means that it is grown without using any synthetic fertilisers or pesticides and without the aid of any genetically modified organisms. It also benefits the environment. With no chemicals being used in production, processing or packaging – it does not pollute the environment.
By choosing Organic, we are making positive changes to our own health as well as preserving the environment.


If you’d like to make the same change, we highly recommend the Fair Trade and Organic range at Toby’s Estate found here.fto_blend_1_1


A Furry Happy Ending

We love a feel good story. Oh and we love animals. And we especially love a story about animals with a coincidental twist that gives you one of those ‘everything happens for a reason’ moments. So it’s no wonder our hearts melted when we heard this tale of a furry feline friend, who in a surprising turn of events and a little luck, went from one sick cat to happily on the mend with an equally happy owner. This particular story was loved by everyone here at Nimble – so, we thought you all might get a smile out of it too!

Here’s the story:
“It’s funny how things work out. After finding out I won the $100 Coles Myer card yesterday, I arrived home to find my cat had a huge swollen face. I took her to the vet this morning for treatment costing exactly $100. The really funny thing is, I named Sophie the cat after a friend of mine recently past. His cat was named Sophie. He always used to talk about his cat. He died from lung cancer a month ago. I think he was looking out for me and knew this was going to happen. So basically the Coles Myer card has kind of covered the cost of the vets today.”

Here’s Sophie:


Nimble in StartUp Creative

StartUp Creative is an initiative started on the Gold Coast, local to our seaside Nimble HQ. StartUp Creative was founded and is led by young entrepreneur – Kaylene Langford who has strong passions toward leading fellow young business starters through mentoring, business coaching and facilitating workshops.

Late last year, the awesome team at StartUp Creative launched their first print publication that featured an article about how Nimble came to be. Have a read below.

Visiting New York and Building A Mobile App

A lot of our members use their mobile phones to get Nimble loans.

Our mobile site is good but we wanted to make the Nimble mobile experience even better.

To create the most simple and convenient way to borrow money – loans with just a few taps on a device.

So we decided to build the Nimble mobile app.

To build something truly amazing, we knew that we needed to collaborate with the best. So a year ago we started searching for the best app design team in the world. We spoke to the startup community, stalked winners of the most prestigious app awards and called agencies all over the world.


The Nimble team at Fueled in NYC.

We even contacted the developers behind our favourite apps.

Eventually, our search took us to all the way to New York. We soon found ourselves sitting with a bagel in hand at the cozy SoHo offices of Fueled.

Why Fueled?

Fueled built apps for some of the most innovative companies in the world. Apps for The Discovery Channel, Porsche and Elevatr.

Stunning, beautiful, fun apps.


Free snacks and popcorn!

After a week of chats, whiteboard sketches and getting no sleep because of constant sirens, we were ready. We decided we’d found the right partners to work with our talented internal team and build the Nimble app.

Over a year later, after a lot of designing, building, developing and testing, we started to see the first version of the Nimble app come to life.

The Nimble platform is complex. It looks at over 4,500 data points to lend money so quickly and efficiently. It’s not easy to then make an app that integrates seamlessly into the complex Nimble technology – and the fast moving lives of our members.

It has taken us months of testing and improving it to make sure there wasn’t a pixel out of place.

Now finally, it’s nearly ready for you to download it.

Keep an eye on your emails over the next few weeks for when we announce it’s live – on both IOS and Android.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…

Nimble Screenshots 3inarow

EOFY Survey Winners

“Fresh data, om nom nom nom.”

That’s basically exactly what our Marketing and Product Teams said when we told them we had the results of our End of Financial Year survey. They love this stuff.

We wanted to find out what our members are planning to do with their tax returns – save them? Or spend them? And spend them on what?

A huge thanks to everyone who took a minute to respond to our survey! The data nerds are munching down on all that survey goodness now like a geometric jackrabbit with a carrot. (Ha ha ha).

As always, we offered up a $200 Westfield voucher each to five people who told us what the best thing they’ve ever spent their tax return on was.

We loved hearing what everyone had to share, but these five were our favourites. Congratulations you lot – enjoy your shopping spree on us!

“My very first year of working in 1992 I bought some Doc Martin boots that I had wanted for ages. Lasted forever!”

– L.F, ACT

“After asking dad for a drum kit as a kid for years with no luck… I was finally able to buy my own.”

– J.M, SA

“I pay roughly 20k tax and receive generally a couple of hundred in return. Come on lucky number 7. Daddy needs a brand new everything.”

– M.G, QLD

“My first car. I was 16 and bought a lime green Datsun ute and slept in it that night because I was so excited!”

– B.C, QLD

“Paid off a massive amount of debt a few years back, the freedom was worth more than any possession.”

– R.H, WA

Thanks again to everyone who got involved! Stay tuned to your email inbox and our Facebook page for more chances to have your say and win!

Nimble May Survey Winners

If there’s one thing we love at Nimble, it’s a good survey!

Data really gets us going, which is why we’re regularly asking our members to take a couple of minutes to let us know what’s going on.

We recently asked a group of our members to give us some insight into their current financial situation. We asked them a bunch of stuff about their thoughts on the new budget, what worries them the most about their finances and the pressures that come with being the breadwinner.

We received some really insightful answers and can’t thank our members enough for getting involved!

We put 4 x $250 JB Hi-Fi vouchers for grabs for the four people who gave us the best answer to our final question, “How has Nimble helped you overcome a financial difficulty?”

We’ve picked out our favourites, and this is what they had to say;

1 2 3 4


A huge thanks to everyone who got involved and completed our survey.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to have your say!