Wiping Your Butt Never Felt So Good

This week, the Nimble poo-crew wheeled around their trolley and handed out a roll of loo-paper to each staff member courtesy of the wonderful, world-changing folk at Who Gives A Crap. And well, if you didn’t think someone’s face could light up over something they wipe their bum with – think again.

Who Gives A Crap are an awesome Australian organisation producing toilet paper that does more than just keep your bottom clean. 50% of their profits are donated to WaterAid to help build toilets in the developing world and better still, it’s all done with environmentally friendly materials.

So, we’ve got ours and are on the waiting list for the office-friendly, jumbo rolls – you can order yours right here and get it delivered straight to your door.

It’s small, but who said changing the world doesn’t start with wiping your bum?


Nimble in StartUp Creative

StartUp Creative is an initiative started on the Gold Coast, local to our seaside Nimble HQ. StartUp Creative was founded and is led by young entrepreneur – Kaylene Langford who has strong passions toward leading fellow young business starters through mentoring, business coaching and facilitating workshops.

Late last year, the awesome team at StartUp Creative launched their first print publication that featured an article about how Nimble came to be. Have a read below.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

You know that you should have already organised a super thoughtful, beautifully wrapped gift for mum by now.

But since you’re reading this, you obviously haven’t, and I’m not here to make you feel bad about it.

I’m here to save your butt from getting out-gifted by your brothers and sisters.

Here’s a bunch of the hottest (and budget-friendly) mum-stuff around that you can grab on Saturday before the big day.

  • Get mum ready for a cosy winter with some socks and a beanie from Country Road

  • Serve her breakfast in bed with a new set of bamboo bowls from Gorman

  • IKEA have a bunch of throw rugs that start from only $4.99. She’ll never know!

  • Chicks love Jodi Picoult books. Grab mum her most recent novel, The Storyteller, from any good bookstore

  • Mum can get snap-happy with the family on a new Fujifilm Instamax polaroid camera, only $99 from Target (includes a 10 pack of film!)

  • Get your green thumb on and make her a succulent garden, inspired by this round-up on Apartment Therapy

  • If your mum enjoys a bit of outdoor entertaining, check out the latest honey-inspired range from Wheel and Barrow

  • Help mum chill out and get flexy. Myer have got a great beginners yoga pack on sale

  • If your mum is a bit more fancy than the rest, check out the range of Kate Spade jewels at David Jones with a heap of stuff under $100

If you get really stuck, just remember this old saying: “a gift from the heart is one that involves dried macaroni art.”

I think that how it goes. Or if handmade gifts isn’t your thing, go nuts and just Nimble It.

To all the mums out there – enjoy your special day… and to all the offspring, good luck with your shopping!

10 Quotes That Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

Need a little pick-me-up? We all do from time to time.

Here’s a few words of wisdom from some of the greats to remind you that life ain’t that bad.

youre awesome

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Where’s your will to be weird?” – Jim Morrison

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” – Oscar Wilde

“I used to be self-conscious about my height but then I thought, f*** that, I’m Harry Potter” – Daniel Radcliffe

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

“Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are” – Beyonce

“To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.” – Bono

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” – Maya Angelou

“Everyone inside of her has a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!” – Anne Frank

2014 Sponsored By Nimble


Our 2014 Sponsored By Nimble competition has come to an end, and one ridiculously lucky winner will now live out the rest of their 2014 without the stress of grocery, petrol or power bills.

It was great to hear plenty of conversation on our Facebook page about what our friends would do with all their spare cash if they didn’t have to pay their bills: home renovations, holidays with loved ones, a year to catch up on savings…

Our major prize winner was contacted this morning and managed to tell us – between gasps for air – that he’d like to help his parents pay for some fuel for their road trip around Australia. What a guy!

So who is he?

Troy S. from the Northern Territory!

Troy will be receiving $10,608 worth of Coles Myer vouchers to take care of groceries, $3,120 worth of Shell fuel vouchers to ease the pain at the petrol pump, and $1,664 cash to pay his power bills up front. Congratulations!

10 runner-up winners have also been selected from the draw – they’ll be getting a Coles Myer voucher loaded up with $250. Sweet!

Thanks for entering ‘2014 Sponsored By Nimble’! Stick around on Facebook for more great giveaways and unexpected goodness!

Checking In On Your New Year’s Resolutions


It’s the last day of February, which means it’s time to ask yourself – “Where are my resolutions at?”

You’ve had two months now to lose those 10kgs you keep talking about, halve your weekend wine intake, finish your novel and get more sleep all at the same time.

Need a bit of help? I thought so.

There’s plenty of research around how long people are generally able to keep their new year’s resolutions for, but the consensus is that around 75% of us are only capable of holding out for a couple of weeks. Few make it through the month of February, and then by March we usually don’t even remember what we pledged to do.

Not you though, dear reader! Tomorrow, on the first of March, you’re going to feel as fresh as the first of January (without the once a year hangover of course)!

Here’s how it’s going to work.

First, admit to yourself that it’s ok to fail.

Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you haven’t stuck to your goals. We all do it. Rather than thinking about how much of a screw-up you are, focus on how you can get back up on that horse. Go on, get!

Focus on the resolutions that matter.

Here’s a big tip – the resolutions that matter the most are the ones that are going to result in positive changes for the long-haul, not just short-term. Take the time to reassess what’s most important to you and what will benefit you, your friends and family the most for years to come.

If it’s a selfish resolution that isn’t going to carry positive change into the next new year – then perhaps it’s not worth chasing anyway. Leave it be, and get back on track with the things that matter (remember, you don’t need to have 10 or more resolutions each year – it’s probably better to have one or two meaningful and achievable goals).

Believe in yourself.

Chances are good that you’ve accomplished a lot of things in your life that at one point in time, you thought you were incapable of. Think about some of those things. Some of them probably seem pretty insignificant now, right?

The new year’s resolutions that you’ve set for yourself will one day become just another drop in the ocean of your life (woah, deep). Don’t over-think things too much, or supersize your goals. Think of them as small things that you will get out of the way this year. Tiny, little things. Easy. Breaking your goals into simple tasks makes them seem more achievable (like our post on super simple steps to better health).

Break it down now.

Now that you’ve mentally turned your goals into smaller obstacles, let’s make them even smaller.

For example – if you plan to lose a few kilos this year, don’t plan for it to all happen within the first couple of weeks. If you want to lose 10kgs over the space of the year, break that number down into more achievable chunks. That works out to be less than 1kg per month. If you break it down again, it’s only around 200 grams per week. Now that you know what you want to accomplish, get someone to help you. Check out our healthy work lunch options or treat yourself to a visit to a dietician and figure out the small tweaks you need to make to your day-to-day life to get it done. Hey – why don’t you Nimble it? That’s what our short term loans are for!

Get rid of distractions.

This is the part where you let go of the past. Write down the things that have stopped you achieving these goals in the past. Lack of finances, family dramas, etc. Acknowledge that they were significant in your life, but that they don’t matter now. You can’t hold on to excuses forever. That’s just silly.

Were these tips helpful? Let us know how you’re going with your new year’s resolutions, or what you’re doing to achieve yours. Whilst you’re at it, why not check out our great post on financial New Years Resolutions.

Things Lots Of People Will Put On Their Resumes In 2014 (And How To Explain Them To Your Parents)


2014. New year – new you, and all that stuff.

If you’ve decided that 2014 is your big year to make a career change then you’ve probably already noticed that there’s a few new job titles and role descriptions going around.

Technology is changing the way we do our work, and generally people are just getting better at making up titles that make them sound cooler and more sought-after.

But what does it all mean? And more importantly, when you land the new job, how do you explain to your parents what being a “Front-End Interface Architect” involves?

Let me break down some of the big ones for you.

Big Data Specialist

“Big Data” is a swanky new term that people use to describe a situation where a company has so much data that the software programs they use don’t know what to do with all of it.

When you’ve got too much data, who do you call? A Big Data Specialist. They’ll sort through all the numbers and organise it into neat piles of information that your company can use to make more money.

Social Media Campaign Manager

If you’re as unlucky as I am, your parents already have Facebook, so explaining to them the basic concept of what a “social media” website is, might not be too hard.

In the same way that everyday users like you and I use Facebook to make ourselves look cool and far more interesting than what we really are, companies also use Facebook to feed people a vision of how they want their brand to be perceived.

Enter the Social Media Campaign Manager. This guy is in charge of making sure that everything that goes on with a company’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, etc page is in line with their perceived image. Whenever there are competitions, public rallies or anything else interesting happening on a company’s social pages, you know that somewhere in their offices, there is a Campaign Manager slowly pulling their hair out.

Content Creator

“Hey Mum. Hey Dad. You know how on a website, there’s stuff? Pictures? Words? Photos? Videos? Well someone has to make that. It doesn’t just happen.”

And that’s pretty much how you explain what a Content Creator does. These guys are the ones that are responsible for making a website worth visiting.

Cloud Engineer

Phwoar. Where do we start here? A Cloud Engineer is responsible for leveraging the methods used to….

Nah. I reckon it’s better to just make it up. Tell your parents that you’re now responsible for what shapes the clouds take as they float around in the sky. Tell them that it’s been a lie this whole time that clouds are a part of nature and that they’re actually controlled by computers. Which is why you spend so much time on yours.

Corporate Wellness Coach

This is a fancy new term for someone who works in Human Resources. A corporate wellness coach is someone who is responsible for making sure that everyone is as happy and as well-trained as they can be to perform their roles.

With such pressure to create a great “culture” within a company these days, big corporations need a Wellness Coach to think up fun new things to do with staff such as massages, 8-week challenges, BBQs and Pyjama Fridays.

Growth Hacker

Last of all we have the Growth Hacker. A Growth Hacker is a clever little guy who uses his frugality, innovation and experience to help new companies grow quickly.

They often jump around from marketing, to IT, to product development doing whatever they can to weave their growth magic. It’s very confusing and vague and I think you only really know what a Growth Hacker does if you already are one.

Good luck with your job-hunting!

Craft Ideas For Kids | Budget Family Fun For Summer


crafternoon (kra:ft-er-noon)
noun: An afternoon of craft activities. Fun is most often had by all.

If you think that entertaining kids has to be expensive – think again.

Behold, the crafternoon.

It’s practically the best thing ever. We know this because we had one today to test it out.

Here’s what we learned:

1. Crafternoons can be cheap. Really cheap. We spent around $10 and have so much stuff leftover for next time.

2. Crafternoons are fun. Don’t tell the boss, but making our peg animals gave us hours of entertainment!

3. Crafternoons aren’t just for kids. In fact, at our crafternoon, there weren’t even any kids around. Just a bunch of 20-somethings having an awesome time gluing stuff together. So it really is the ultimate family activity.

At our crafternoon we tried our hand at making some animals out of pegs. As you can see, it was a huge success (although we left out the pictures of the deformed giraffe that wasn’t exactly “camera-ready” by the time we were finished).

If you want to give these little guys a go at home, here’s what you’ll need.

– Wooden pegs (square, round or both)
– Paint
– Paintbrushes
– PVA glue
– Small fuzzy balls
– Googly eyes
– Heaps of imagination


To make a Hungry Hungry Caterpillar:

1. Paint a square peg green. Wait for it to dry.
2. With a small blob of glue, stick a red fuzz ball to the opening end of the peg. This will be the head, obviously, because he needs to be able to open his mouth to eat stuff.
3. Glue four green fuzz balls along the rest of the peg to make the body.
4. Once they’re nice and stuck, glue a couple of small googly eyes to the red ball.
5. For an extra touch, make your caterpillar some food. Because he is hungry hungry.


To make a pig:

1. Paint a round peg pink.
2. Glue two pink fuzz balls behind the round head.
3. Paint or draw on a snout with black.
4. Glue on two small googly eyes.
5. The pig doesn’t need legs because he’s happy to lie in the mud all the time. No drama.

To make a cow:

1. Paint a round peg and two square pegs white.
2. When that dries, paint black spot on it.
3. Glue on some googly eyes.
4. Paint the nose pink and give her some nostrils.
5. Paint some black hooves on the two square pegs.
6. Clip the legs to the body.
7. Moooooooo.

photo 5 (2)

To make a dragonfly:

1. Paint a round peg and two paddle pop sticks your favourite colour.
2. Put a small bit of glue in the middle of each pop stick and then stick it in the slot bit of the peg to make wings.
3. Glue some googly eyes on.
4. Paint a nice pattern on the dragonfly’s back.

To make a butterfly:

1. Same deal as the dragonfly, but instead of using paddle pop sticks for wings, cut out some wings from paper and stick them on.

Since we’ve got lots of leftover pegs, if you’ve got a great idea for some peg craft, please leave a comment below! We really want to have another crafternoon! Check out our post featuring fun things to do with your kids.

Planning A Family Holiday | Budget Family Fun For Summer


Time is a-tickin’!

If you’re planning to take the family away on a summer holiday this year but haven’t made reservations yet – you better get cracking.

Summer is the peak season for most holiday destinations around Australia, which means that accommodation sells out quickly and prices are also at their highest.

All the more reason for you to get super-savvy when it comes to planning a family holiday on a budget. Read on my friend…

There are a few good tricks that you can keep in mind when planning your family vacation – all you need is a little time, patience and the will to save yourself some money!

Let’s get started.

Do your research.

Unfortunately, sometimes our dream holiday destination isn’t the same place that our saving accounts want to take us.

If you can’t afford to travel to your first choice this year, do a bit of research into some other places that offer similar activities/climates/sceneries. Is there something similar available for less money? Jump on it! You might discover somewhere you really love.

Check out package deals.

Travel agents and travel websites always have package deals on offer for destinations. If you’re lucky and get in early enough, you might be able to combine flights and accommodation, or accommodation and activity hire.

If you’re not already signed up on the mailing list for a few of those coupon websites, do it now. New deals are released daily and there are always an abundance of travel, hotel, activity and theme park deals that come up around this time of year. Just make sure you’ve unsubscribed once you’ve made your bookings so that you’re not tempted throughout the year to purchase things you don’t need (I get sucked into a good deal pretty easily!).

If you’re booking a trip to a family-oriented destination, look out for all-inclusive deals. Sometimes you can snap up accommodation, meals and extras packages that provide daily activities for the kids and treats for the grown-ups too.
Go self-contained.

If you’re really keen to save yourself some cash, book a self-contained room. You’ll have your own kitchen to cook in which means you don’t need to go out for 3 meals a day. Sweet! Even if you’re just keeping milk and cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch in the room, you can still treat yourselves to dinner and enjoy a night off from cooking.

Check for membership discounts.

Oftentimes insurance companies or health funds will offer discounts on various things to their members. Check out the websites of your membership groups to see what you might be able to snap up. Restaurant, theme park and hotel group discounts are usually available.

As a side note – after you’ve booked your holiday for this year, think ahead for next time. Sign up for the hotel group’s mailing list to get access to offers throughout the year and VIP rates.

Make the most of your surroundings.

A holiday to the Gold Coast doesn’t have to mean expensive trips to all of the local theme parks!

Before you leave for your holiday, research what else the area has to offer apart from the obvious. Make the most of beaches, picnics in the park, museums and other unfamiliar sites. Bring along games for downtime at your hotel and involve the whole family in cooking meals together.

If you do want to pay to do specific activities, book ahead of time. Look out for deals online and don’t be afraid to ask vendors if they offer family discount packages.

Travel as a group.

If your family and your friends are both looking to book holidays around the same time, why not book together? You can save a lot of money by renting out larger holiday houses that you can all stay in together.

Better yet – go camping. Camping is great fun if you’ve got friends to hang out with! Pool your camping gear together, BBQ together in the evenings and share surfboards, games and books to keep everyone occupied during the day.


If this post hasn’t given you plenty of ideas for lowering the cost of your family holiday, I don’t know what will!

Jump on Google, check out the best deals and let us know what you find in the comments below. Have a great summer!

Start A Veggie Garden | Budget Family Fun For Summer


Growing vegetables from your own backyard is a super excellent way to save money.

I know. You’ve heard that before.

But seriously, think about it. A tomato seedling will cost you about $2. You plant it, and give it a bunch of love and water and sunshine and you’ll probably get $20 worth of tomatoes in return.

It’s time for you to actually get around this whole DIY vegetable thing and start saving some cash.

And, keeping in the theme of ‘budget family fun for summer’, I’d like to point out that gardening can actually be a really fun way to spend some outdoor time with the kids.

Veggie patches are an ongoing project too, that require regular attention and teach kids how to care for living things and take responsibility. All very important life lessons. Veggie patch for the win.

Ok, first things first.

Decide what to grow.

Do your research first. Find out what’s easy to grow and what grows well together. If you go into gardening without knowing how to plant your gear, you’ll probably end up killing it and wasting money. That’s not what we want here!

The beloved internet has a plethora of gardening sites that will give you all the info you need on how to care for your veggie garden, or you can speak to your local Bunnings dude.

When you’re deciding what to plant, you’ll also want to consider what vegetables you eat most of and what is the most expensive to purchase from the supermarket. Don’t be afraid to try some new things too – you might discover a new love for radishes you never thought you’d have.

Get the right gear.

Head down to your local nursery and pick out the things you want to grow. Make sure you get advice on the type of soil you should buy and grab any tools you need – little spades, rakes and hoes come in handy here.

It’s important here not to skimp on your tools and soil. Buying the good stuff will pay off in the long run and save you from having to go back for replacements later on. If you need a little extra help at the register, one of our short term loans should do the trick. *Shameless self-promotion here*.

Pick a spot for your vegetable garden beds.

Your vegetables are going to need 3 things.

Sun. Water. Soil.

Pick out a nice spot in the yard where your little babies are going to get full sunlight. The more sun, the more fruit, and the better it will taste. True story.

Make sure the ground is in good condition for digging up and filling with your delicious, good quality soil. If your backyard is a complete no-hoper for digging up, you can easily plant your veggies in pots.

Note: I say the word “pots” very loosely. You can grab any old thing and fill it with soil really (unless its something that might be contaminated with chemicals – sometimes wooden things and concrete things aren’t great for planting food in because the plants can absorb the treatments in the material). Think an old wheelbarrow, a gumboot that has long ago lost it’s partner, a big empty tin, etc.

Plant, water and love.

As per your previously-researched planting instructions that you got off the internet, go ahead and plant the little guys. Kids love digging around in the garden so get them as involved as possible.

Again, this is going to be an ongoing project so make sure you’re all getting out there regularly and giving the plants plenty of water, singing to them, blowing kisses and getting rid of any bugs.

Give it a couple of weeks and then starting reaping the benefits of having your very own greengrocer in the backyard. Get the family into the kitchen together and learning about all the delicious healthy foods you can cook with your produce.

Enjoy! If you have any great tips for getting your kids into the garden and growing veggies, let us know in the comments below!

Backyard Camping | Budget Family Fun For Summer


Nothing says ‘summer’ like camping.

The smell of sausages sizzling on the BBQ, coconut sunscreen and toasted marshmallows all bring back fond childhood memories for me of summers spent playing cards with my sister in a tent and having some quality time with my family.

Spending time outdoors together is a great way for a family to relax and unwind to forget about the doldrums of daily life.

The problem for many families is that camping can often mean money. Although it’s on the cheaper end of the holiday scale, it’s still not always affordable (especially if you’re going during school holidays when caravan parks hike up their prices)!

If you’ve got the camping gear sitting in the garage picking up dust, but can’t afford to take the family away for a real trip – why not try backyard camping?

I know what you’re thinking – “camping in the backyard, whoop-de-doo”.

But it’s actually pretty cool if you do it right. And I reckon that the whole family will enjoy getting outside and spending some time together.

Here’s a few things you can do to make your backyard adventure a little extra special.

Sleep under the stars.

Don’t be tempted to sneak back into the house and spend the night in your bed. Commit to a night outside – under the stars if you can! If you’ve got a tent you can sleep in that, or if it’s a warm night, why not lay out your sleeping bags on a matt and get the full experience.

Toast some marshmallows.

If you’ve got a backyard fire grate that you’re permitted to light up in your area, go for it! Otherwise you can toast marshmallows over a portable camping gas stove. Pile them up on sticks to keep it authentic and then enjoy those little blobs of charred, sweet, sticky goodness.

Play backyard bingo.

Draw up some bingo sheets and see who can tick off all of their items first. Some things you can use on your sheet include a twig that looks like a ‘Y’, a smooth rock, a black rock, a bird, a beetle, a seed, something that belongs inside, etc.

BBQ your dinner.

Do not go inside to cook. I repeat: don’t go inside! Cook up a BBQ for dinner or see what you can whip up on a gas stove or over the fire. Let the smell of your delicious outdoor cooking infiltrate over the fence into your neighbour’s yard and maybe they’ll come and join you for some card games or ghost stories.

Leave the technology inside.

Don’t ruin a perfectly good backyard camping trip by sitting around on your mobile phone or playing on the Nintendo DS. Leave the gadgets inside and see what fun you can have in the yard.

Project a movie onto your house.

Ok, I know I just said to leave the gadgets inside but this is a great idea if you’ve got the equipment. String up a sheet on the side of your house and use a laptop and projector to watch an outdoor movie. Popcorn is essential.


There you have it. All the makings for an awesome night out on a backyard camping adventure.

Do you have any other fun sleep-out activities that you do with your family? Leave me a comment below!