Nimble goes green! Doing our bit for the environment

March 31st, 2011

Do you know how many people will live on planet earth in 2060? According to United Nations predictions, the population is set to rise to 10 billion.

That’s a phenomenal number! The advances in technology and medicine are difficult to imagine or predict. However, it’s not hard to imagine that sustainably will be as crucial as ever.

Here at Nimble, we know how important it is to live sustainably. In an ideal world, we’d love for everyone to have a veggie patch, walk to work, throw their printers in the bin and only buy carbon neutral products. However, we’re also aware that even little changes make a big difference which is why we try to practice our “Green Week” as much as possible. Check out our Green Week roll out below for some inspiration on those little achievable steps to being a little greener.

Monday: Rubbish Free Day
We create recycle bins, compost bins and scrap paper bins for everyone to use in the kitchen and around the office. This way we can put all our rubbish to good use.

Tuesday: No Gas Day
Everyone walks, rides or takes public transport to work.

Wednesday: Fresh Air Day
To have lovely clean air in the office, we bring a plant to work. We regularly encourage everyone to talk to their plants…apparently that’s a thing.

Thursday: Vegetable Love Day
We go vegetarian for lunch on this day. Yummo!

Friday: Cascade Green Day
To celebrate the end of the week we drink Australia’s first ‘green’ beer, Cascade Green.

Did you know?

It takes 100,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef, compared to 1650 – 2200 litres to produce 1kg of soybeans (Wikipedia).

Let’s show our planet Earth some love and suggest to your work to have a ‘Green Week’ too? Every little bit helps. You could think of your own ‘green’ ideas – or just use ours!

I’ll leave you with a funny video on saving water…