A Furry Happy Ending

We love a feel good story. Oh and we love animals. And we especially love a story about animals with a coincidental twist that gives you one of those ‘everything happens for a reason’ moments. So it’s no wonder our hearts melted when we heard this tale of a furry feline friend, who in a surprising turn of events and a little luck, went from one sick cat to happily on the mend with an equally happy owner. This particular story was loved by everyone here at Nimble – so, we thought you all might get a smile out of it too!

Here’s the story:
“It’s funny how things work out. After finding out I won the $100 Coles Myer card yesterday, I arrived home to find my cat had a huge swollen face. I took her to the vet this morning for treatment costing exactly $100. The really funny thing is, I named Sophie the cat after a friend of mine recently past. His cat was named Sophie. He always used to talk about his cat. He died from lung cancer a month ago. I think he was looking out for me and knew this was going to happen. So basically the Coles Myer card has kind of covered the cost of the vets today.”

Here’s Sophie:


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