4 Things To Buy From A Thrift Store, And 4 To Avoid

November 18th, 2019

Scouring op shops for a bargain is both an art form and an easy way to save some serious coin. We’ve rounded up products you should definitely save your pennies on, and some to put straight back down and leave on the shelves. 

Things To Buy

1. Books

You can never have enough books. There’s something a little magical about finding a great new read at a thrift store, while saving some money in the process. Pro-tip, flip through your new find to make sure all the pages are intact and none have been ripped out (no unintentional cliff hangers, please!). 

2. Tools

Every house needs a well-equipped toolbox. Even if you can barely differentiate between a screwdriver and a wrench, a stocked up toolbox (and YouTube tutorials) come in handy when an emergency strikes (or, you need to assemble some IKEA furniture). Tools don’t need to come straight from Bunnings to work, just make sure there’s no rust damage, and you’re good to go!

3. Board games

Let’s face it, board games can be expensive! Expand your game collection by shopping second hand and finding a new party-pleaser for your next wine and cheese night.

4. Wooden Furniture

Looking to update your place without a hefty price tag? Cute little wooden furniture pieces can add an antique vibe to your interior. Even if the pieces you pick up look more suited to your grandma’s living room than your place, you can jazz them up with some paint or varnish (hello, Pinterest inspo!). Plus, you’ll have a unique find that you can humblebrag about whenever your mates pop around. 

Things To Avoid

1. Socks 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Socks can carry any skin issues or fungus that their previous owner had. Yes, even if you soak them in hot water, those nasties can’t always be boiled away. Kmart has socks for dirt cheap, sans those unwanted extras.

2. Makeup

Makeup expires! Plus, second-hand makeup comes with a range of bacteria, and you’re putting yourself at risk of catching whatever the previous owner had (conjunctivitis, cold sores, staph infections…yikes ). Thrift shops aren’t Sephora, put down that mascara and back away slowly. 

3. Linen

Even if you boil your linen, wash it, then boil it again, you’re still at risk of bed bugs (and other nasties). Honestly, not worth it. Pass. No thanks. Next. 

4. Stuffed animals

Who loves stuffed animals? Kids and dogs. Who generally aren’t the cleanest of creatures? Kids and dogs. Look, that cute Lil’ stuffed bear might be giving you eyes, but you really don’t know who has been chewing on it. Plus, they can be filled with bed bugs, fleas, and a whole lotta bacteria (talk about creepy second-hand toys). 

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